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I don’t have a meaningful story for you today.

My first attempt at making a store page looked like a dog’s breakfast – but only the kind that doesn’t look yummy.

So I need to bang something  out for  you quickly just to keep you a bit happy if not wholly unsatisfied, kind of like my furiously fast 60 second hand pumping orgasm sessions.

Here then are my deepest thoughts , intersperced with my own personal zen-like bits of wisdom for you to meditate on throughout  the day, beginning with:



Experience …  is a comb nature gives us when we are bald.



The store page is going to be a rip-off  of this design.  120 videos in total.  Broken up into fetish packages like Tease & Denial , Foot Worship , Sounding , and Sex with Gerbils.



A closed mind  is  like a closed book,  just a block  of wood.



I’ve been dead on in my growth projections for Covid’s USA spread.   Heh,  and  my grade 10 math teacher said I’d never amount to anything.   Had a panic attack this morning as a result of forward  projecting and so,  I went looking for an infectious disease professional’s opinion , one that came from a country that’s successfully flattened the curve.   His projections did nothing to relieve my anxiety.   So I’ve just taken 500 pills of Zanex and intend to wake up in 3 months fully coherent aN.,.d Ommn thE ovbbbther zzzide uF tHizzz crisi…….zzzzzz.



Better a diamond with a flaw, than a pebble without one.



My shit was green today.  I have  no idea why I  feel the  need to  report that to you, but I just did … so do as you wish with that info.



What  if there is no tomorrow?   There wasn’t one today.



To get my point across about exponential growth to people umm  ,  –  that are not as educated as you guys are,  (I  can’t outright say whom so read  ‘tween the lines please)  I’ve been giving them all the scenario of choosing between two jobs.  One offers $1,0o0 usd per day.   The other $.50 cents on the first day, and doubles every day for a month.   Does it  surprise you that every single person I’ve given that option to  chose the 1k/day option?   Also, none of them could keep doubling once we got past $10,000.  But, they all got the fucking message pretty quick by day 30 when I told them in my languge  “swap dollars for people now.”



Who do you think you are?  I am.



We live in a hashtag society.   Everybody just expects beyond a shadow of a doubt that  everything is going to be ok quite soon.  Their # thoughts are just buying time until some authority magically says everything is ok again.  What if everybody out there died,  and we had to take over the world?  Yes  “US” ,  the stupid people.






You could take a good look at a butcher’s ass by sticking your head up  there,  but wouldn’t  you rather take his word for it?



Talk to ya tomorrow.




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