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“How?” I said , can I be glad and sad – but a person goes from one foot to the other.

Christmas, that lonely, lovely crowded place in our heads.

At Christmas, some of us hunger for a larger family life than perhaps we had.

We were a family of three, we could never afford a holiday feast let alone a gift.

But I had dreams , even living in a country where Christmas is only an un-celebrated day off , the books I had read always made me dream of friends , Santa , and gifts under a pine tree.

Thank you dreams.  You are the large family which comforts.

It doesn’t have to be typical.

Just as I told my friend , hospitalized since the summer and struggling with Leukemia , to dream of making it to this holiday so I could sit beside her and she can open my gift , I also found a dream to place in my heart.  To honor her , and her courage, throughout the year.

If there was one picture to keep in your Christmas heart , it’d be this one , from the man who dreamed bigger than any of us ever have …





Christmas is not about a binge of presents.

It’s actually very much about that which is taken from us.

It’s about the gifts of courage , passion , and honor we receive when – on our knees , someone stands beside us.

Sad , and glad –  from one foot …

… to the next.


Merry Christmas everybody.