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‘Hey baby do you wanna eat some sausage tonight?’ One guy texts me on my Line.

‘Can.. if you can take the pain when i bite it. Lol . i answer him.

For one year people are saying in my sessions that I am Jaa’s sister, Jaa’s twin, or a copy of Jaa.  I am a lot of things to her and i respect her because she brought me into this lifestyle but i am not a copy of her.  I am who i am .

You know something about a storm?  When Storm coming everything so quiet, no sign but when they come they destroy everything and you can’t stop it ..  my moods are like that .

Actually today i have a good mood.  Why ? Because I made another man cry and beg today and i get off on that, hahaha i like it 🙂

stormIn my session I was not going to be moody like that.  My client made me like that.  First he told me his plane will come at 2pm so he will sms me at 4pm.  If I tell you I will sms you at 4pmyou will see i will be punctual so if i can keep my promise why he cannot:?  Almost 4:40pm he sms me finally and did not even apologize.  I was listening to him talk and I cannot believe he is unapologetic and in fact you know what he said to me?

”come to my hotel i feel tired’

‘Are you kidding me? ‘ i told him.   You don’t even ask me ‘can you’ you just say ‘come’ and i promise myself to tell him when i hit him soon which hit will be for saying it like that.  So i tell him ‘no way why should i go in traffic to see you with a heavy bag to your hotel and get stop by security so they will check my bag and take out the small dildo you want me to put in your ass then look at me like I’m a hore ..you are in a dream or what?

‘Sorry mistress i …’

Fuck sorry.  Jaa taught me this year to never listen to any man who has to say sorry.  You want a girl like me or you want a girl like Jaa? — you get one chance and if you fuck up — sorry for you.  Look!! 8pm and only a Tuesday night and i have 102 message waiting my Line.  Men wanting to go out with me tonight — so why does this guy think i will kiss his ass?

I have men begging me to go to UK and even one man he will pay for me to do a massage therapy course in university in Australia .  One asks me to marry him 3 times already and will take me to Switzerland, i say no.  One sent me 200,000 baht for me to go to Spain and work there but i sent him back his money. You will think I’m stupid to denied them but I had my own reasons.  I have a luxury to be Thai, to be beautiful, to be smart, and speak English almost perfectly.  I want money same like other people but i won’t be men’s slave because of their money. i have a luxury to not have to take shit from a man.  So why don’t i go to any country i want with all these men?  Well i did go one time — to Australia.

Well i would say Australia change my life.  I went as a girl and came back as a woman. I will tell you those stories next time.

I love my independent life.  I’m the boss of my life why depend on somebody? if i can depend on myself?

So this fake submissive man — yes same man who tells me to come to his hotel — finally 1 hour later he comes to the condo and doesn’t call me or sms me to tell me where he is or how late he will be.

I tell him to go lay down on the bed and i take off my normal shirt and open the closet to hang it up.  The same time i am reaching to hang up Jaa’s shirt he walks by me to the bed and touches my ass.

‘I like to be punished’ — when he touched my ass i remember he said that in his email and i think he just wants to see if i will punish him for doing that or not.

No time to tie him up i just handcuffed him to the bed — kneel over him and i pulled my gstring to the left so he can see my pussy.

‘you like to touch — touch it’ i said same time i moved my bamboo in my fingers just waiting for him to touch me.

He touched me of course.  And I touched him — well with my bamboo stick not my hand.

The funny thing about that — do you know what that was?  He thought me hitting his cock hard with my stick was mean.

555 He had no idea how mean i can be.

After 40 minutes of teasing his cock and hitting it he starts to cry and beg me to stop.  I don’t stop.  There is no safe word — your session depend on your attitude — this is not acting this is my lifestyle and if you make my life nice i will be nice to you — and if you make my life ‘not so nice’ i guess you will learn how to say bitch in my language haha.

So i tie his balls.  I tie the same style as Jaa but i like to make you hard by pulling the string — but for him i wanted him to think his balls would come off.  If he begged me enough i played with him to make him close to want to cum and then pull his balls off and spank his cock again.

1 hour into the session only.  only that — and he starts crying.

I am doing my stories now about my sessions so you can start to understand me and we can have a good session together.  So listen to me — if you cry like a baby i will not give you sympathy ok.  Probably what i will do is just hit you harder because i don’t like men who cry like a baby.