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Yesterday 2 men i talk with in my Line App on my mobile — 2 different men even — said i am not a girl, i am a Vampire.  Ya Merry Xmas to you to guys haha 555

So if i am so bad, so evil, such a ‘crazy bitch’ the first guy called me, and that i ‘attack and kill’ while being a ‘naughty devil’ — then why do they keep calling me every day?

Am i such a drug for men?

I must be because t424his morning i have a new record for how many men sent me and SMS while i was sleeping — 424 !!!  Well honest it is probably not 424 different men, some will send me 10 to make me think they have something important to say when really that makes them look more desperate.

I make men crazy.  It’s like a secret recipe — but fuck KFC — i have the recipe for something better than fried chicken.  Some sexuality, a lot of intelligence, a pinch of tease, cup of confidence, and maybe a cup of blood since i’m a vampire lol.  Tie my legs together and place in the oven of a man’s brain to cook for days or weeks.

Result is a well cooked man’s brain that will be as submissive as i want him to be.

Unlike Jaa who looks for submissive men only — i go after all men — especially the men who think they can put all women in their pocket.  It is a challenge to meet the man who come to my country and thinks he can get every girl because he is handsome and has a lot of money — them i make cry the most.

I love to be a vampire, and mostly every man sees only that part of me.

But under that vampire layer is a different Goddess Pasaya — really.  You know that?  That part of mine? You are lucky if you know it because not much people know about it.  Only the person i let get close to me get to see it.  To get close to me it is nothing you can do and that is what men don’t get.  It is about trust.

I have always had a sense about who to trust when it comes to people.  If i feel i can trust you i will show myself to you.

If not i will hide — and that’s when you see the vampire.

Pasaya xx