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I tried last year working a little bit doing massages and ya it wasn’t for me but i learned something about men that i use often in my sessions.  Wanna know what it is?  Men like to book 2 hour Thai Massages more than 1 hour sexy oil massages — why do you think?

You’re a man, you like it when you turn over and the girl has to massage your legs up to your cock with oil so why the men ask for the not very sexy thai massage?

I’ll tell you, it’s because of the last 20 minutes of the Thai Massage.  So if you don’t know, i was taught that for the last 20 minutes to focus massage on the face, head and neck.  To do that i sit behind you and rest your head in my lap and for about 20 minutes it is like i am your girlfriend.  You are sitting in bed and your girlfriend is playing with your ears, your eyes, your hair and the sensitive part behind your neck.  How do you feel?

I think you feel like a baby.  Really I think all men want to surrender like that to a girl and just be able to be a baby in her arms.

Massage taught me all men can be babies.  Tease & Denial bdsm taught me all men desire to be babies.

Look at my session this week i will show you how i use soft sexy tease and denial bdsm with no ropes, no toys to give a man a crazy good time.  First his email to Jaa and then she sent to me —



* What you like to try for session

My fantasy is tease and denial, but no pain, bondage or cruelty, so the sexy and light hearted teasing.

I often fantasize about me and my girlfriend cuddling, and my girl opens my laptop to look up something and finds my tease and denial pictures! At first she is angry, and i apologize, but then she looks at the images and says: “You should have told me that you like to be teased“ She viciously smiles and says „I will teach you a lesson – so you think about girls in pictures? I will make you only think about me! “ – and so while I hold her in my arms lovingly, she teases my cock, slowly, softly, making me go crazy and begging for more. In the end, she let me cum, but only after she took me to the edge many times and stopped, whispering a soft „no” to my ears. Also, to make i even worse for me, slowly she takes her clothes off, and masturbates in front of me, but I am only allowed to touch her, if she tells me to.



So first he is a little  bit scared to see me.  So maybe i did my first story a little bit too much for you guys?  Seriously you get scared too easy —


Dl Sh <[email protected]>
12/22/14 (11 days ago)

to me
Hey Jaa,

thank you for your quick answer – sorry I am writing from a different email address, it’s Dl again.

Sounds good, Mistress Pasaya can also do the session – only I am a little scared she maybe too tough? Her blog story shows she can be very cruel – so I am a little scared, it’s my first time you know :-). And if you have time, you can do the session yourself.



Such a baby.  But i told you all men are babies.  She gives him to me because she knows i can make men even crazier than she can make them.  He comes in and from first second i meet him i want to make him feel like he is my boyfriend.  Well maybe not my bf since all of them only fight me or hide from me — maybe the first day of being my boyfriend haha555.

We roleplay like he said in his story and i told him ‘you want to only think about me?’  — ya can.  Watch.

No ropes, just his head in my lap to start i make him relax and we talk and the more we talk the more he wants me.  I didn’t even touch his dick yet and he has cum falling down his cock only from the thai massage position i told you about.  So i never touched a man sensually like that when i did Thai Massage mostly i was talking to much to all my customers before.  Now what i like when i am Mistress Pasaya is i can think about every touch and what that is doing to you.

One thing i can do that not a lot of girls can do makes men crazy.  Because i do Yoga often i am crazy flexible.  Like if i want i can do the leg split on your face when i face sit.  It makes men shocked when i do it but — that is not the yoga thing i do to make you crazy.  So the thing i can do — i did to him.  Really makes me think my session is about denial only when i do it because if i even try to tease the man will cum.  Same for Mr.Dxxxxl he was going to explode about 10 times and i had to make him cry often.

So an amazing session like that only from making him forget about his world and bringing him to my world.  What i love about him?  Maybe — ya i think maybe he understands me too because of what he said in his email to Jaa after the session.  So do you want to swim and feel my wave?  haha 555



Dl Sh
12/27/14 (6 days ago)

to me
Hey Jaa,

I agree, Goddess Pasaya is crazy beautiful!
haha not possible to keep her for myself – Goddess Pasaya is like a wave in the ocean, you cannot keep a wave, no matter how beautiful the wave is ;-). All you can do is swim in the ocean and enjoy all the waves.

Good bye Thailand and hope to meet you next time,

i told you she is amazing .. i think better than me. because i never lie if i dont have somebody super amazing i will never put her on my website

problem with Goddess Pasaya on is her photo is so so …and when you see her finally you see she is crazy beautiful you agree?

if you like her can you do a story or say something about her …and i will tell her to do a story from your session and copy your email what you say too

or … maybe you want to keep her for yourself lol