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Would you eat poo if you were just about to orgasm … and your orgasm depended on it?

The answer is yes.  You dudes will eat anything if it means you will cum – and that is how I do my poo sessions.  So let me explain because i have 5 more of these poo sessions to do and every guy out there keeps sending me these scat videos asking me “if i can do like her???”

No cannot.

PouBecause these mistress videos are not poo eating videos rather they are “how high can i make a poo pyramid on his face” videos.  I don’t do poo pyramids fuck that.  One it gets on the bathroom floor and the funny thing about dudes who have a poo fetish is they don’t wanna clean it up after.  Two, most guys throw up in their mouth when they try the fantasy and if they have a poo pyramid on the face they choke on the throw up.  Tell me i wont be the most famous mistress in the world if one day the photo guy from the newspaper come and shoot the body on my condo floor with a poo pyramid on his mouth and his throw up stick in his throat.

And two its just not sexy.

So how do i do my poo sessions.  Wait im gonna tell you cuz its different from every poo video i saw so far.

My style for the session is sexy.  You come to the condo and we talk.  I want you to think “fuck why did i come for poo when i can have this girl tease me like crazy?”  It’s ok im gonna tease you anyways.  I tie you to the shower or the toilet so you cannot get out and we sit there talking for a while.  See the more you like me the more you wanna worship me and the more you wanna worship me the more ready you are to not freak out when my little ass is over your mouth.

When i feel i have to poo soon and you are ready for it i will take my pants off slowly for you.  Then my panties i will hang them on the door and let you see my pussy and my ass.  Unfortunately for you I have to fart before i let my poo go and you’ll get that in your mouth when it comes.  But you wont gag because i’ll already be teasing your cock.  The closer you get to your orgasm the closer i get to pushing the poo out so it is like a rhythm.  I tease, you moan, i push.  Slowly.  Slowly na – the poo gets closer and closer.  So you are waiting a long time for it.  Not like every video she sits over your face and makes the poo pyramid in 5 seconds and finished.

Also take a look at every poo video and what do you see?  I see a useless soft cock.  Or the guy is playing with himself and still it is soft.

I think i am the first mistress to do a scat session and have the guy with a rock for a cock lol 555.

So by the way na if it is your first session it is probably not my poo your are going to taste.  I will have a submissive girlfriend i know come and let you eat from her and i will be there to teach you how to put your mouth on her ass first.  Then when you show me you can do a proper way with your mouth then next time i may let you eat from my ass.

Not saying my poo is better or something like that.  I’m saying if you want to worship my ass and my poo you have to do it perfectly.

So about your mouth that is another thing i never not see in any video.  Why every mistress has to drop the poo like she is dropping a bomb on a house from in the sky?  Just watching 6 videos my men sent me and 4 of the mistress miss the mouth.  Fuck.  Means cleaning after!

If i do a video of my poo session tomorrow or Thursday it would be very boring to show.  You will never see the poo you will just see a guy freaking out under my ass lol.

Why i train you with my girlfriend first sometimes is so i can check you know how to make a perfect letter O with your mouth on her ass.  Then push your O around her ass so it is so tight you can float with her into space and no air will get out hahaha.

That is a perfect tube from her ass – or maybe my ass – into your mouth.

No messy na.

Nothing get out.  Nothing to clean.  Just a perfect way to feed you.

spaceballs_toilet_paperSo next is how much i feed you.  If you go to a restaurant and you order a steak you ever see how many steak they bring you?  One steak.  They don’t make 100 steak’s for you and make you sit and eat all everything.  What else they don’t make you do is put all the steak in your mouth in one shot and make you chew it for 10 mins to try to swallow it.  You cut the steak to small pieces ya?  Ok, so why to drop a pyramid of 100 steaks on your face and make you eat like you never ate before in your life?  Of course you will throw up.

Just i feed you is one little piece.  You have no idea how much that sucks for me.  I have to hold my poo and be sure i drop only one piece in your mouth.  So it is like you put a chocolate nut inside your mouth and chew it.  All my poo is small like that – or i try to make it like that.

I give you time to swallow it and then wipe your mouth because i don’t want my shit on my ass.  Then i feed you one more piece.  That’s about all you get.

Because at the same time you forgot i am playing with your cock.

If my friend is on your face you are eating from her and i am teasing you below her all the time she is doing that to you.  Or even if it is me on you i am also teasing you.  That’s why the session is 10,000 because it is a fucking torture for me to have to squat over your face and slow my poo and concentrate to play with your dick at the same time.  Try it yourself.  Try to go take a shit and play with your cock at the same time, then stop the shit and pull it back inside –  and see what you feel?  I think feel the same like me na.  Hard to do both same time.

Here is what you don’t know about your poo fantasy if you have one.

After you cum – the shit in your mouth that you could eat before you cum – you want to throw up 5 seconds after you cum.

True.  Make sure you throw up in the toilet or you will clean absolutely everything up from the floor.  The scrub the floor.  Then wash it again.  Then polish it.  Takes about an hour to do so if you don’t like cleaning don’t drop anything.

downloadOne more true thing you don’t know.  I am just warning you because every guy has the fantasy and when it happens he dont have the experience what he will feel.  After you cum about 1 or 2 minutes after you will be ashamed of yourself or too embarassed to talk to me.  Don’t worry.  If you don’t want to talk you don’t have to.  I don’t make you do anything and if you want to go you can go.  I will still sms you after you have time to be by yourself and we can talk about the session after ok na ka?

What else?  Ok like today – the session is 2 hours but most men about 80% he just want to talk and relax first 40 mins about.  Some have to do 1 hour to relax and ready to try the session and some only 20 mins but average i say is about 40 mins.  So if you are talking to me that long don’t think it is strange na – everybody is not relaxed enough when they come to start to do the fantasy right away. It’s ok that is my job to make you relax.  You ask me in the email often if it is a normal fantasy and are you a freak because you want to try this.  Ya this question i get a lot.

No you are not a freak.  But somebody who comes to see me for only Tease & Denial with strap on maybe he thinks your fetish is crazy.  But then maybe you think his fetish is crazy too.  Nobody agree but everybody has something to make him crazy horny.

Most of my sessions are a sexy Tease & Denial session with a little bit of soft BDSM and not a lot ask for me to give them my poo.

But if i do give it – this is how i do it.  Different from every other mistress.  More sexy than any other mistress.  More clean than any other mistress.  That i can guarantee.

What i cannot guarantee is it is more delicious or not hahaha 555.


Pasaya xx





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I am nfom-bw-smileot j ust a Bangkok Mistress and Domina / Dominatrix , i am the most sexy Domina in Thailand and for sure with Mistress Jaa we are the smartest.  A Bangkok Mistress these days is about the colors red and black and fake photos pretending to enjoy bdsm in an expensive dungeon.  I enjoy bdsm because i play with my clients using my brain, my imagination and my understanding of how men think.  The bdsm toys are just a tool really, a real dominatrix doesn’t need to use tools if she doesn’t want to, and that’s where i am coming from — i am a real Dominatrix — Jaa and I are Bangkok’s only true domina ‘s in my opinion.  I’m really into Tease & Denial since it makes men beg but i’m also into a different kind of begging — the kind a man makes when i’ve stolen his heart, his soul, and his mind — and then then throw him to the water for the mistakes he has made to lose me.  I guess i am a teacher for men as well then, i teach men what it takes to keep a girl like me.