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So after seeing Warcraft a few weeks ago I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the first time since Jaa introduced me to the game a few years back when I saw her bouncing around picking up rocks and flowers on her Druid for the first time.   She loved gathering resources so much that she had well over 1 million gold , she was Wow’s financial queen – but couldn’t kill anything worth a damn, and if she did it’d take her well over a minute.

I, on the other hand, have found that splitting somebody’s skull in half with a Great Axe gets the job done in a whole different manner.  The point being that in the end, both her target and mine succumbed to our methods one way or the other.

And so it is with the way Wael and I approach our Tease & Denial sessions with her having a very physical approach while I use the mental game and though both methods are worlds apart from one another the end result is the same in that our men always beg to be let out of the session.   This week we had the pleasure of hosting the same person on different days in back to back sessions, meaning that he’d see her first followed by a session with me the following day, and in both cases we broke him , albeit for entirely different reasons …


“Stop Teasing Me” – Why Wael’s Submissive Quit

While it’s true that Wael is getting sexier by the month, what with her little 6 pack forming from all the Kettlebell workouts she does and the noticeable tightening of her petite boobs , she still chooses to mostly forego conversation in her sessions in favor of an aggressive cock focused approach where she’s merciless on the denial part of the craft.

mistress wael tease and denial necklaceWith this guy Eric, a tall typically blonde Swede , I had shown up at her condo simply to work on touching up the recent photos I’ve taken of her and her friend.  Whilst I was on the computer with my back facing the two , we were talking away – Wael and I – in Thai about food of all things.  I tend to always want to eat a bbq buffet when I’m over there and since she has the cooking pot needed to make it we often go over what to buy for our meal at great length so that we can eat for hours later.

Wael was laying beside the guy in bed under the blankets because I had cranked the air conditioner up way too cold for her and this guy was beside her , untied , but with his eyes rolled back in his head like he was in the middle of an exorcism the whole time we were chatting.

Under that blanket she was doing the squeeze game I’ve seen her do in our double mistress sessions , where for upwards of 30 minutes she simply kneads the shaft of the guys cock like she’s making cookie dough.  Although I have my doubts when she tells me that by doing so, it triples the amount of cum that releases at the end , it is definitely effective in creating a sore pulsing pain in the balls , the aching kind of pain that won’t go away until quite a few hours after the session.  I know that because we’ve gone out as a threesome after some sessions and in each case the dude has had a hard time walking with any normality in his stride.

The second thirty minutes was quiet behind me , save the occasional whimper and stifled scream of frustration as Wael is very reluctant to go from first gear to second gear with any great rush , choosing instead to build the pace of her hand movements the way a snail would build pace.

Teasing to the point of release didn’t actually start until I was well into touching up my fifth photo , a good 75 minutes into the session , and with nary a word being spoken behind me in that whole time, he suddenly burst out crying and begging an hour and twenty minutes into it.

At that point I turned around to watch as I get kind of turned on when guys start begging and it was wholly interesting to see her coercing begs and pleas from this guy while being mostly silent in the session.  You’ll see how that is vastly different from my style in a moment, but as I told you earlier, the end result is the same.  For just shy of the hour and a half mark he forcefully with his unbound hands pushed her fingers away from his dick and kept saying “stop teasing me please , just stop.”

“Pussy” i said , turning back to the computer.

“I can’t take it , I can’t take the pain” he grimaced as he got out of the bed and hobbled to the bathroom to take a shower – without being told to do so.

“Why pain?” Wael turned to me and asked.

“Blue balls” I told her , and then added “I think it’s the worst pain a man can have.”  I think that’s a true statement.  I base it on my ballbusting sessions where I get to freely kick a guy in his nards as often and as hard as I want for 2 hours straight … and though the guys I do that to are in serious pain, they all have stated openly that they prefer that kind of pain to the pain a pair of over teased blue balls gives them.  I don’t understand why , it just seems so.

After the shower he thanked Wael, hugged her , apologized profusely umpteen times , and then left quickly and quietly – clutching at his groin while he walked out the door.  Well done Wael , but when the same dude left my condo the next night, he was clutching something entirely different.

mistress dedication

“Stop Teasing Me” – Why My Submissive Guy Quit

When I dedicate myself to something I am wholly relentless.  Take for example my Muay Thai which I am now doing five times a week,  two hours each session , where I push myself to the point of exhaustion.  The video I’ve showed you guys in private doesn’t do justice to how strenuous the work outs are.  Though I know I’ll never be a fighter , it doesn’t mean I can’t train as hard as someone who needs his Muay Thai to be good enough to be his occupation.

I have been given this gift of being able to get inside a man’s mind so deeply that the seed of desire that I plant there can linger indefinitely creating a bittersweet lustful madness.  Regardless of whether you react boldly , confidently ,  pragmatically to such an invasion of your senses means nothing to me as I have an answer for all your retorts.  Men react to seduction in predictive ways , so much so that listening to you speak is very much like watching teenage Hollywood movie junk nowadays , it’s just different faces with recycled dialogue.

When Swedish boy came to visit me the day after seeing Wael , he did so mere minutes after I had closed the door behind a mid 40’s American man from Texas.  Whereas the dude from Austin had brought me a bottle of Chardonnay my Swedish pet had brought me a bottle of Akvavit with two shot glasses , and as both bottles remain unopened in my fridge you can see that the tried and tested methods of men fall harmlessly at my foot.

Throughout the session it was hard to hold back laughter as some of the dialogue was being recycled verbatim.

“Please can I kiss you” said the Austin boy as I straddled him on my sofa while leaning in to him exposing my neck to his lips.  “Please can I kiss you” said the Swedish boy as we lay in my bed cheek to cheek with my knee draped over the most sensitive part of his body.

I had let Austin kiss me anywhere he liked so long as he didn’t do so on my lips and he worked himself up into such a fervor before the Teasing even started that his testicles were aching by the time I led him to be restrained to my bed.

But with the Swedish boy , I was overcome with that feeling of dedication I was talking about , as I simply knew with him I could get so deep that I could really fuck this boy’s brain up for quite a while.

Some guys are screaming for a girl like me , we’re so hard to find after all.  The ones who scream the loudest I can affect the most and so it was with this one.

“Let me go get the shot glasses for us” … a line he tried when I brought my lips a little uncomfortably close to his and paused smiling.  As he tried to roll away from my my hand caught the back of his hair and pulled him right back to the prone position beside me that he was trying to escape from.

condo-perfection“Move again without asking me and you’ll be tied to the bed for the rest of the night, understood?”

“The rest of the night?” he asked quizzically.

“You want to don’t you?”

“Yes. Can I stay?” his voice almost a whisper.

“You’ll belong to me if you do.”

“Please, I want that so much.”

“I know you do” i said while mounting him , my tiny silky panties a mere inch from his mouth.  “The question is, what will you offer me for granting you such a favor?”


I looked up the roof of my condo which could have been the sky , the stars , or the universe , for there is nothing more exciting than when a man says he will do anything for me and truly means it.

“Anything?” I repeated his words while sliding down his body , cupping the flag pole in his pants with my feet and bringing my lips within almost touching distance of his.   “Kiss me and you’ll leave immediately, understood?” I instructed in a much more mean tone … all the while moving my feet up and down his flag pole.

I had said the same thing to Austin an hour prior as his attack on my neck often led to a foray towards my lips.   An hour separating the two , they both replied with the same question :

“Just once, please.”

My fingernail pierced Austin’s shaft just as much as the heel of my shoe pierced Sweden’s in kind reply.

“Say you love me first.”

“I love you” both replied in tandem , again separated by the tiniest of hours.

At that I fell off both of them , at 6pm collapsing onto my sofa and at 7pm collapsing onto my bed.

“If only it were true” i sighed.

Then again, both replied with the exact same line more or less … “I’d do anything for you” Austin had said while Sweden had replied “I’ll do anything to be your boyfriend.”

When they get that close to throwing their hearts at me it’s a very interesting thing to see what happens when i re-engage their dick’s brain , and in both occasions I suddenly started feverishly pumping them to the point of almost immediate orgasm.  To them it’s kind of like Bruce Banner turn into the hulk before their very eyes as I completely change the context of the session right there and then making it an entirely physical thing.

Time and time again I stopped a moment before their release , the length of each burst of my hand being inversely proportional to the number of times I refused them their orgasm.  During each pause I’d ask “be specific, what will you do when you say anything?”

No man has an answer at that point, they all repeat the word “anything” as if clueless to what that might entail.  If I was a bit of a better actor I’d reply with “say anything again motherfucker, I dare you, I double dare you”

That’s a bit cliche though, I’d rather try for something original like “the path of the horny man is beset on all sides by … girls like me 😛 ”

Remember I told you that those who scream the loudest are in my control the most?  I didn’t quite get the feeling from Austin that I had him like pudding in my hand , he was smitten but not overwhelmed so I finished his session by letting him explode all over my ceiling.

Sweden , who was a loud silent screamer got no such relief.

“Anything , for you , means to get dressed right now , walk to my condo door , put on your shoes and without looking back leave and write me once you get home telling me what you would do.”

He stared down at his thing which was beat red and bouncing like a bobble head toy.

“Please, don’t tease me like that” he begged.

“You have 30 seconds or you’ll never get a second session with me.”

“I love you.”


“Please , fuck.”

“20 , if I reach 0 this is the last 20 seconds you’ll ever see me.”

“Fuck” he yells collecting his shorts and socks as he boots it from my bedroom to the hallway.


I hear him putting his shoes on cursing to himself.

“Mistress, what the fuck , what the fuck.”

“8 .. 7 .. ”

He stands up facing my door.

“I’m naked behind you” I told him , and then adding “but I told you not to look behind you … 4 … 3 … 2”

“For fuck sakes” he cries.  “You’re a fucking tease.”

Then he left, without looking back either .. thankfully because I was indeed fully clothed and he would have added “liar” to his “fucking tease” remark.

I never did get the email I requested though.  Normally I would block someone permanently for not following through on my request but I was curious since he had seen both of us within a span of 24 hours to ask him who he’d prefer to see on his next session.  His reply was a simply written in one short sentence:

“Neither, you’re both too wonderful for me to handle.”

… and isn’t that what I said at the start , we both kill you in our own different way , but we’re both equally deadly.





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