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All men in general have this shared fantasy about finding a perfectly innocent yet somewhat homely looking girl that no other man has discovered yet , who is like a diamond in the rough – for when polished with the right makeup , new clothes , alluring hairstyle , she suddenly blossoms into a stunning princess before their eyes.  Then of course they’ll take such rare pristine beauty and bang the hell out of her much the same way a cat pisses on a dumpster to claim it’s territory, but hey that’s men for ya.

Such a girl exists , in fact she’s standing right behind me as I write this , blow drying her hair to look pretty for our two hours of Muay Thai downstairs.  Hmm, I should have said ‘perfectly innocent yet somewhat naive’ in the sentence above.

orangeI’m somewhat jealous of Mistress Wael’s naive quality , it allows her to see the world through rose colored glasses still and the fact that she can be 36 years old and still see everything as being wonderful and believes all people to be good makes me both smile for her while simultaneously wanting to Clockwork Orange her eyes open.

It mustn’t happen very often over where you guys live to find someone who constantly makes you slap your forehead, bury your face in your palms, or laugh out loud so hard that tears roll down your face.  Yet in these parts I’d say less than one per cent are operating their minds with something other than a hamster on a wheel , and with Wael I ashamedly admit that I’ve been the one trying to upgrade her at first getting her running with a Commodore 64 , then an Atari chip and so on until now she’s aware that both Apple and Microsoft are evil and that the truly self-aware folk are running Linux on a Tor onion routing network.

I caution that she’s ‘aware’ but still runs into the blue screen of death quite frequently , and i’m working on that , it just takes time.  This story is based on our back to back double mistress session that we shared two nights ago where I saw her default to the blue screen of death in mid session – twice – and it took me half the night to get what happened , and in fact I had one of those moments where one sits up in bed in the middle of the night finally remembering a word that was on the tip of the tongue yet a mile a way just a few hours ago.

muay thai mistressI had asked her to come take a video of my Muay Thai lesson that afternoon as it was to be my first day of sparring and not drilling as I had been doing previously for two months.  Having seen my Facebook posts about how my training has progressed the past three months other girls in true Thai copycat fashion have begun posting videos of themselves suddenly picking up the sport.  I’m an evil Facebook bitch and I really get off on driving mindless hens to cluck madly about why things work out for me and not for them.

The recipe of stacking my FB friend’s list with super hot models , posting photos from being abroad , getting likes and comments from said models on videos of me doing unheard of things like kickboxing , all creates a wave of jealousy and confusion so great that I’ve gotten no less than ten other hating hens to take up the sport to get noticed.  I personally don’t give a rats ass in hell if I ever meet another model (well it’d be nice) as I have way more fun stirring the soup of hatred.

The ones who haven’t swallowed enough sperm yet (god knows they die trying though) to get a foreigner retaliate either with similar copycat videos or resort to the time tested but true accusation of unpatriotically using English to coerce ‘Likes’ out of cute men.  Those chicks who have replaced their blood with semen parade their ‘look how much money I got my boyfriend to send me” photos or ones of their latest gold purchase.  It’s really lame stuff I know , but if you consider for a moment that there are 30 million such Facebook accounts dedicated to the sole purpose of bickering over which one of them scored the biggest sucker … which is from the pool of you guys … well , does the word General Custard ring a bell?

moneyBut I digress, the purpose of Wael coming over was to catch me fluently sparring with my trainer , which failed hard.  I learned within one minute that while three months of training has gotten me some nice shoulder muscles sprouting , it’s done absolutely nothing in actually learning how to freestyle fight.  So she snapped all kinds of video which I can share to you privately if we know one another and while looking at it up in my condo two emails came in successively confirming two double mistress sessions for that evening.

My trainer had dedicated the last 15 minutes of my two hour session to introducing Wael to Muay Thai and while she can somehow handle an hour of fighting men on the mats in Jiu Jitsu class , that fifteen minutes of kicking and punching wiped her out so much that she fell asleep as soon as she finished showering and laid down on my super soft bed.  Cute, but it was a bit of a problem as she wasn’t wearing anything remotely sexy , well obviously since she came to train , and time was running too thin for her to zip back to her On Nut condo , change and come back.

Luckily, it’s been her inspiration of late to shrink her previously 60kg body down to 50kg so that she can fit into my jean shorts which I’ve left at her condo since January.  Meaning, though it’s still a bit of a stretch to do so , she can now (barely) make it into my clothes so I started scrounging through my closet to find something sexy yet stretchy enough for her to wear.

storm-coming-4006pm rolls around and while non of my clothes were becoming to her at all we had managed to find a loose fitting black see through negligee that I used to wear which made her look sexy enough … it’s just that she couldn’t stop picking at her pussy because my panties were way too small and the ones she had worn were not an option being a flat 0 out of 10 in terms of sexiness.

“Stop touching your pussy” I told her as I went downstairs to get the French dude waiting in the lobby.

French dudes, fuck.  I bite my tongue pretty well when writing these recollections of my sessions as I know the good comes with the bad but over time it all evens itself out so saying something mean would suggest I’m focusing on one specific person.  Mais non, c’est ne pas le verite.  I’ve never been to France but my vision of it , based on my experience here with French dudes, is that daily there are sixty six million people commuting but unable to get to where they’re going to because they have absolutely no sense of direction.  Truth.

Since January I’ve had a total of 8 people get lost trying to find my condo , even though it’s basically impossible to get lost as it’s one minute from Nana bts station.  Every single guy who’s gotten himself lost for hours … French.

Except this guy, I surmise because though he is French he was black skinned and I find most black men are gifted with enough street smarts that they can find my condo without hassle.

So we get back to my condo and Wael who was still struggling with my panties riding up her crack just stops cold when she sees him as if time had been frozen.  I think not just Thai’s but Asisan’s in general lose their mind when they are forced to communicate closely with someone of a darker color than us.



I had the luxury of attending school abroad where our group was so ethnically diversified that it not only washed the Asian part of me away but I grew to love and embrace people of different ethnic backgrounds , but it was clear from the time freeze that Wael was caught in that this dude was the first black person she had come face to face with.  Consider that even though she is technically from Chiang Rai , her home is so far out in the boonies that the only black people she’s ever seen have been on television.

After sending him scurrying off to the bathroom to shower I asked her if she’s ok with things and she said yes while confessing that she’s never seen a black guy naked.

“Neither have I” I admitted and when she asked me shyly “is it true” while gesturing a with her hands a penis size appropriate for a small dinosaur I laughed back “we’ll see in a moment won’t we.”

Once he finished the shower and stepped into my bedroom where things were about to get sexy I  glanced over to Wael where once again she was caught in another time freeze , this time with jaw so gaping wide that bees could have built a beehive inside.

mistress wael sexy

This is where experience in the bedroom comes in because you see , I’ve seen well over 1000 guys naked and I’ve seen them all … fat, skinny, hairy , smooth, albino, black, brown, whatever.  Same goes for dick size and shape, at this point a guy’s tool is just a piece of meat to me.  Wael on the other hand has seen a fraction of what I’ve seen so things still shock her.  In this case, what was befuddling her was this guys unusual body hair.

He looked like he had a sea of the world’s smallest affro curls covering his body from head to toe, each one curled so tightly into a ball that you could rest a ping pong paddle anywhere on his body and it wouldn’t touch his skin.

Wael excuses herself from the room and while I’m talking to him , getting him to relax into the sound of my sexy voice , there’s clanging going on in my kitchen outside.  Moments later she comes back with an Aerosol spray can , all my candles and a book of matches.

“…the fuck are you doing?” I asked her in Thai.

“We have to burn it off first, no?” she asks.

“What the hair?  You want to carpet bomb his body in fire Game of Thrones style?”


goddess wael thailandShe answered ‘yes’ so truthfully and with such innocence that I couldn’t contain myself from laughing hysterically.  There was no malice or ill will in her action , she simply intended to do for this person the kind service of removing his hair.

That’s the thing about Wael.  She does not have the ability to think an unkind thought , nor does she ever do something with an alternate motive , she simply serves, helps, and teases the hell out of guys for the purest of all reasons … that teasing brings enjoyment and she exists to help others.

She is the most altruistic person I’ve ever met and my fear for her is that it’s going to get her hurt one of these days.

The world through my eyes has been tainted and for the most part I see humans as an evil infestation , a species with such a disproportionate ratio of those who seek to be self indulgent and reckless vesus those who wish to better the planet that it’s pointless to attempt to do good.  It’s why I support animals , they’re actions are pure.

Two hours later he stumbles out the door clutching his balls just as much as Wael is clutching at my panties and we clean the condo and toys in preparation for the next session about to arrive shortly.  He’s an older gentleman, 50’ish though he looks easily like he’s still in his early 40’s and as older men are apt to do , he’s totally smitten by Wael and less so by me.  It’s his third session with her but it was the first time I’ve seen him which again isn’t uncommon as older men much prefer her to me … I just wasn’t sure as to why … well this session gave me my answer.

Fast forward towards the end of the first hour where I’m straddling Mark’s neck with his arms and legs spread-eagle’d on the bed and tied down quite securely.  We both play this game frequently where we let the submissive guy touch , smell , or taste a part of us that he covets , but he is forbidden to lick, suck, bite or move his mouth or hands in any manner whatsoever.  In this case I had placed his hand over the top of my lingerie where he could feel my perky nipple between his fingers.

If he wants to advance in the game and sample other goodies he must first show that his hand can remain motionless while Wael is slowly bringing him closer and closer to a climax , but skillfully easing off each time.  One twitch, one quiver, one false squeeze of the fingers while my clothed nipple lays between them spells not only an immediate end to the game , but beckons punishment and severely reduces the chance either of us will give him the release he is begging for nearer to the end of the session.

Luckily for him he passes the test with flying colors and just as I am about to move up over his face Wael gets up and gestures that she wants to do the face sitting part of the session.  Now, the last time I actually worked together with Wael was a little over a month and a half ago.  The month of May had me attending weddings in two different cities , flying to Bali for 10 days thereafter, and spending the final week up in Chiang Mai so there was a good 5-6 week period where Wael was handling all the sessions solo.

In all previous sessions together, she’s masterfully controlled the man’s orgasm while I’ve dealt with playing with the man’s mind , cuddling and coddling all of them cheek to cheek, finding out what their truest deepest fantasy is and finding how much of their soul they’ll sell to share that fantasy with us.

So to have her put the cart before the horse so to speak by switching roles was somewhat surprising but we always bounce ideas off one another and go with the flow trusting one another so we traded off.

Just as I do before smothering his face with her panties she looks down at him saying, “don’t move, don’t lick, don’t suck, don’t do anything or else.”

sexy mistress wael


All is going according to plan.  I’ve focused on running my fingers along the shaft of his cock , up and around the circumference of the head, and then with a squirt of oil pulling his shaft taunt and squeezing hard along the base waiting for his dick to swell up and try to thrust the cum out by itself.  That tactic is more or less always accompanied by the man moaning or begging , and to be honest I’m so used to hearing “a” sound at that moment it went right over my head that the moaning I heard sounded a hell of a lot like a girl moaning.

Once again I pull the skin of his cock up high so it covers his head and while pressing in with my thumb hard against his cock shaft my left hand rubs oil into the bottom of his balls in a circular motion slowly at first and then increasingly faster so his testicles begin to warm up … but the cum has nowhere to go as it’s being blocked by the pressure of my thumb on the vein that allows the cum to release upwards.

Once again this tactic is met with the thrusting of the hips upwards and load moaning , but this time when I heard her moan I looked back over my shoulder to see what was going on with this guy from the neck up.

Her lips are quivering and she’s trying to squeak out “don’t move, don’t lick” warnings but her eyes are rolled to the back of her head and her nails have dug themselves so far into his nipples that he’s kicking his feet from the pain of it.

I lean over far to my left to get a better view of what he’s doing by looking at his jaw line from under her thigh and sure enough it’s moving rapidly.  Then it hits me why this guy and all the other guys are faithfully hers , and it’s because they can get her off by sucking through her panties, a feat that stopped working on me and any other girl when we’re … oh … 16yo maybe.  There it is though, she hasn’t had any lovers, any sex, any boyfriends to give her some sort of release from foreplay and facesitting gives her a long desired orgasm.

Fuck, if a guy even so much made his lips quiver while in that position his balls would remember a pain so intense that it’d haunt him for the rest of his days.  In fact, the last guy to try that got to wear my cactus plant on his balls one second thereafter and howled so loud I’m sure people living in the condo across the street heard him.  The original Mistress Jaa would bend down and firmly bite down on the guys dick if they moved making sure she left a semi-permanent mark on the sensitive part of his head for his failure to follow instructions.


I felt like I needed to act as her boss at the end of the session and tell her to be more strict in making her submissive’s follow her instructions.  Right after he left I was about to discuss the session with her but when I closed the door and turned around I noticed right away just how far my tiny panties were rolled up straddling her pussy.  Her pussy lips looked like they had devoured my panties completely and the back end of them was so far up her ass crack that she had to use her index finger to scoop it out.

So I asked her , “what did he do to you?”

She answers back in Thai what translates to “he blew on my grape.”

“Your grape?”

“He made it so hot by blowing on it with his cheeks , and then …” she paused looking shyly to the floor.

“and then?” i begged her to continue, wanting her to say it so badly.

“He ate my grape.”

I collapsed onto the sofa with laughter.  She sat down beside me innocent as an angel and asked “why you laugh?”

“and did you like having your grape eaten?”

“Amazing” she gasped.

“How many times has somebody eaten your grape?”

“Not first time.  Four maybe five times now.”

I had wanted to scold her on how to make sure she is in complete control , to not let any man betray her order , yada yada yada.  But since she’s like me and practices being thoroughly safe it occurred to me that at her age, mid thirties, I don’t think anyone has ever sucked her grape with panties off lol.

I’m way to shy to ask her if that’s so , but is it strange to say that the day somebody does , I hope it’s in session and I hope I’m there to see it happen.