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As a Temptress, my goal is twofold.  Not only am I out to entice you but being somewhat of a devilish Temptress I’m also looking for ways to send your FemDom session spiraling out of control on your own volition.

Have you ever watched a movie that started off great and had you melting into the screen right from the get-go, only to go severely off the rails somewhere around the middle and leave you scratching your head as to how the film ended up being such a train wreck by the end?  Heh, pretty much every single Star Wars movie or episode since Kathleen Kennedy took over Disney, right?

Well that is exactly what I try to make happen in my sessions – only you are the director of your own train wreck film.  How easy exactly is it to turn every slave who bends the knee before me from Quentin Tarantino into Steven Seagal?

Easy as fuck.  Let me demonstrate by recounting yesterday’s rotten tomatoes’ entry for worst film disaster, err, session of the year.  (Well, ‘best session’ if I’m the judge and not the slave lol)



pussy perfectKen, and ya I’m stick with his real name because as soon as I saw him he reminded me of one of those Ken dolls from the 80’s, part of the Barbie collection – that I may or may not have stolen from a night market visit whilst with my mom when I was about 8 years old … but that’s a story for another day.

Yup, 6’2″ tall,  the blonde hair, the black suit, the whole nine yards.  Had I been 8 again I would have been all over him but at 35 – totally not my style any longer.

But good looking, and guys – if you’re even a hop, skip and a jump away from good looking , like close enough for jazz – I’m gonna fuck with you a bit , just know that.

So what did I do to fuck with this guy?  Well normal chit-chat for one, just to break the ice.

Made him kneel on the carpet in the middle of the living room, strip down naked and encouraged himself to talk about things.  Nothing like going over how your day at the office was while stripping naked from the knees and having me make fresh coffee so I can sit and stare at you.

I love making things that are normally awkward even more awkward.

Ah, so I should tell you that I was seemingly way overdressed for the occasion.  I had a jacket on for one, even though the air conditioning in the condo was off.  Oh, and I was wearing a very long sweater that dangles way down around my quad muscles.  Ya I was hot and I don’t mean sexy hot.

It was just kind of funny – the contrast between us.  Him kneeling there naked and looking at me dressed like I’m the queen of Winterfell in a blizzard.


cockass-grabWhen I do these sessions in my condo there’s always mood music and lighting happening.  The tint of red dungeon-like lighting on the walls, the fake fireplace on the tv – cheesy but effective , and the romantic music playing in the background , and and don’t forget the candles lit in the kitchen.

I don’t control the music playing, it’s a cool 24/7 live youtube stream that I have bookmarked that plays song after song.  I’d have a live girl band playing in the corner but these sessions are only 7k baht, I’m limited on budget ok.

Anyways, a song comes on that happened to make me and him smile, an 80’s tune – um, the one from the movie Witness that Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis dance to in the barn.

We both look at each other and simultaneously shout out “Witness … right … right” and he begins singing along with it.

That’s when I stood up , walked around the coffee table and reached down for his hand that was on the floor and gently guided him up to dance with me.

Then I put my arms in the air and sexily turned around while shaking my shoulders to get the jacket to slip off – which he kindly removed from my back.

The hands remained above my head which invited him to take the white wooly sweater off as well and when he did so he stepped back so his eyes could clarify what he was seeing.

For underneath all those winter clothes I was wearing nothing but lace panties and a lingerie bra – upon which beads of red glistening sweat were making their way down the slopes towards my nipples barely hidden under the lace of said bra.




It was difficult to come together to slow dance after that for his dick was acting like a pole vaulters pole vault banging me around the top of my panty line.

“Sorry” he whispered, “it’s just that you’re so …” and I never gave him a chance to finish as I put my finger to his lips and smiled showing him I was totally fine with his hardness in my presence.

So fine with it in fact that I took his other hand and wrapped mine around both his index finger and his pointing finger , then guided both to the part of my panties guarding my pussy.

His other hand I guided around and placed firmly on my left ass cheek.

cbt-bondageAs we danced I went on my tippy-toes to whisper in his ear.

“Here are the rules” I said.  “If any of your fingers but in particular the two almost touching my pussy right now even do so much as twitch let alone move, I’m going to immediately stop what we’re doing – I’m going to tie your hands behind your back with rope and for the duration of the two hours you have left – this will become a very intense face-slapping session.”

I looked at him to give him a chance to nod.  “I understand” he smiled as he spoke.

“Until such a time that you fuck up, the only other rule I have for you is not to cum” and again I pulled away slightly so he could nod in agreement.

Just then my right hand reached into my purse which was situated on the coffee table to our right, deftly pulled out a bottle of baby oil, popped it open and squeezed a good handful into my palm before setting it back down on the table.

If that impresses you, wait until I show you what those five fingers can do with anal beads one day.

With the nails of my right hand I scratched the underbelly of his cock causing him to leap onto his toes for a second but he quickly came back down as I set my oily grip on the head of his cock and massaged under the head of his cock as we continued to dance in a tight circle.

The elicited his first gasp of the evening.

He leaned down to kiss my shoulders and then my neck – which was perfectly legal, I hadn’t said a word about what he could or could not do with his head, right?

Anyways, letting him kiss my neck was a ruse.


A ruse you say?  How so?

Well if he thinks he can get away with kissing my neck he instantaneously thinks he can get away with kissing other things and thoughts like that get neurons to fire directly to the dick which is what I want.

So toss in a few well acted but fake moans – I’m talking way better than Meg Ryan’s moans from When Harry Met Sally, and voila! – the submissive guy starts to grow a pair and get bold.

Wait for it … wait for it ….. waittttttttt for it ……

Ah, there it was, the finger curl to stroke my clit through my panties.

The first rule of my session was – you do not move your fingers.

The second rule of my session was – YOU DO NOT MOVE YOUR FINGERS.

So I backed away, walked back to my bedroom and came back but a moment later with a good 20 feet of rope in my hand.

“Took you all of 15 minutes to break the rule I had just whispered into your ear but a moment ago.”

“Ya but I thought …”

“What, that I was tossing the session out the window in lieu of a quickie?” I said interrupting him mid-sentence.  “Turn around, hands behind your back.”

But he didn’t turn around when ordered.  Why?  Well I think he got by grade 3 math well enough and could see that I had 1 hour and 45 minutes of incredibly hard face slapping in store for him – minus the time it would take me to tie him of course.

See there’s this moment in pretty much every session I have – where the slave has to silently confront his submissiveness and ask himself if he truly wants to be a submissive slave or if he’s just acting the part for 2 hours.  This was that moment for him.

For I am a temptress.

I have spent my life in the assignment of impossible choices.

With all deliberation and intent I seduced Ken, I cannot pretend it was an accident.  I seduced him and set off that insane mix of lust and lunacy that led one human being to trick another.

There were rules.  There was a break of said rules.  And there is punishment.


Mistress Jaa





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temptress is as temptress does

fear not the temptress.  A temptress by any other name is still a temptress.

To be a temptress or not to be a tremptress  , that is the temptress question.

Too temptress you are too temptress you be i see you are the temptress for me.

Ask not what you can do for your temptress , but what your temptress can do for the temptress industry.