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My Human Toilet Slavery / Human Toilet Training videos :  VOOM 10 !!!!!!!!!! , VOOM 11 !!!!!!!!!!! and VOOM 12 !!!!!!!!!!!! saved May for me … a month where from the 2nd until the 25th I was nearly killed by covid.

So since I am going to talk about the topic of shit this blog, let’s talk about covid and the month of May which was the biggest shit show – bigger than all the VOOM videos combined.


Covid Left Behind a Reminder


thecovidI remember looking at the 2nd stripe which confirmed I was covid + on May 2nd.  I thought “ok, there’s a fight coming – but I have 3 shots of Pfizer in me, I should be ok.”

Said those same words “I should be ok” sarcastically a week later when I woke up passed out on the bathroom floor after having slept in my own piss.

By day fourteen I was sleeping and living on the bathroom floor because walking from the bed to the toilet would knock me unconscious.

Still, I thought I’d be quite okay because the highest my fever got was 38.1 and mostly was somewhere around 37.5.

It was around day 15 that it started attacking my chest.  I noticed it right away.  It felt like a hole was growing in my chest – a dead zone from where I could not breathe from.

By day 18 I was gasping for tiny bits of air each breath.  That was the first time that I thought to myself : “if my body cannot stop it from spreading then this might be my last or second last day on earth.”

Lucky for me it stopped spreading through my chest around day 19.

I think it was day 22 that I thought it might be a good idea to go for a walk around the condo as I had done nothing but lay on my back for 3 straight weeks.

That was a mistake.  I couldn’t walk more than 10 steps without having to stop and I’d be covered in sweat.  I’m Thai.  I never get covered in sweat.  I am used to the heat.

I tried to make it back to the elevator and remember pushing the up button but then the next thing I remembered was waking up in a hospital bed with tubes in my nose and arm.

Came home the next morning and I said “ok, let’s not do that again.  Instead, let’s not move for 3 days.”  And I was serious.  I didn’t move a muscle for 3 straight days.

Oh and I tripled my dosage that the hospital had given me.

The Codeine + Guaiacolate at that dosage made it impossible for me to cough.  Strangest feeling ever.  I had to cough but my brain wouldn’t let me.

Thankfully that got rid of the month long headache that had kept me from sleeping and I slept most of those 3 days.

On the 25 th day or May 27th I finally could walk about my condo.

And I have spent the last week trying to improve my breathing every day.  My coughing has stopped but I still can only get about 75% of the oxygen I used to get every breath.

But maybe over time that will heal.

When I get messages like the one this guy sent me in the photo to the left above, I just block them and move on.

You don’t fear the ocean – until a shark bites you.  After that you look at the ocean a completely different way.


My VOOM Videos Saved May for Me !!


In the last week of April I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with one of my slaves and we shot VOOM 10, 11 & 12 along with three Face Sitting videos.

That saved the month for me financially.

VOOM – my most extreme human toilet training videos are as popular by name now as a McDonald’s Big Mac almost.

I don’t even have to promote them.  I just announce “VOOM 10 is now available” on Twitter and the people who watch toilet slavery videos know exactly where to go to buy it.

Why are my VOOM videos as popular by name as a Big Mac?  Maybe it’s the taste?

Big Mac burgers taste awful and so does my shit.   Maybe it’s the way it’s made?

Big Macs follow a formula, that’s why they all taste the same.  My VOOM videos all demand a mouth to anus airtight seal – that’s why they all taste the same 🙂

See?  One thing I am trying to get better at after 2 years of writing every single day for my onlyfans femdom blog is to add humor to my English.

When I put the theme from Jaws into my VOOM 11 !!!!!!!!!!! video just as my avalanche of shit attacked his mouth , well, I thought that was my best joke ever.

Sales confirmed that the humor was appreciated.  Video sales of both are through the roof with VOOM 12 !!!!!!!!!!!! being released tonight to kick off June.

At one point last week I was the #1 store on Yezzclips which is the top site for Scat & Human Toilet Slavery videos so that kind of confirms that I’m close to the best worldwide now.


forced to eat shit


The Mouth to Anus Seal was Purposefully Broken in VOOM 10-12 , Why?


I had a ton of emails either questioning whether my slaves were actually swallowing my shit in VOOM 1-9 , or they were demanding to actually see the slave forcefully swallow my shit against his will.

So the only way to show that was to pre-arrange with my slave that in all 3 of VOOM 10-12 he would purposefully pull away from my asshole and not let the shit overflow into his stomach as is what normally happens.

In thinking about how I would break the formula and shoot VOOM 10-12 I came up with a plan:

‘Escalate the extremeness and by extension the panic in each VOOM video starting with 10 and topping out with VOOM 12.’

So in VOOM 10 the plan was not only show the slave eating my shit but to make him do so forcefully and over a very long time.  I think the running time for VOOM 10!!!!!!!!!! is 36 minutes.

It was awful.  My slave barely survived it.  And I was ruthless.

If you ever truly want to see the word “forced” put into “forced shit eating” then VOOM 10 !!!!!!!!!! is THE video you want to watch.



In making VOOM 11 !!!!!!!!!!! the thought I had in mind was to push out from my ass the most shit anyone has ever seen in a VOOM video.

I wanted it to be so much shit that the slave had no choice but to break the mouth to anus airtight seal allowing it to flow everywhere.

At that point, enter the Jaws theme.

That’s where I took my foot and shoved the excess shit back into his mouth and pushed it down his throat – hovering it over his face to the Jaws theme while doing so.

Comic gold in a human toilet training video?  Believe it baby !!!!



Then the complaints started coming in.  “Hey, how come he’s breaking the airtight mouth to anus seal?  The shit isn’t going directly into his stomach any more.  I liked the earlier VOOM videos better.”

I slapped my forehead.  Seriously – you give them something and they want something else.  Then I give them the something else they asked for …. and they complain the movies are not like the original.

How do you win?  Keep with the formula right?  That’s why they made 6 Sharknado videos after all – they didn’t touch the winning formula.

So I’m going back to demanding the slave maintain the mouth to anus airtight seal and the panic that ensues when the shit gets pushed down, unwillingly, into his stomach.

But not before I release VOOM 12 tonight to my Yezzclips and FemScat video stores.

I’m not sure how many people are going to be able to watch VOOM 12 !!!!!!!!!!!! from start to finish without looking away from the screen.  Not many would be my guess.

VOOM 12 !!!!!!!!!!!! is brutal.  I was beyond ruthless.  A different “me” took over my body and I just let the slave have it as masochistic as I could deliver my shit down his throat.

How did I accomplish that exactly?

With a ramming rod … err , a strap on girdle and the dildo attached.   Oh, and a belt around his head that helped me impale his mouth onto my dildo.

If I could name VOOM 12 with a longer title it would be :  “Ok, so you don’t want to swallow my shit huh?  Fine.  I’ll ram it down your fucking throat instead and I don’t care how much you gag while doing so.”

In fact, I think I will use that exact line to promote the video in the description box when I load it to Yezzclips and FemScat.



Shit Feeding Sessions are Overflowing


mistress-wael jaa4u.comLast week, my first week back from covid, I did 4 HTT sessions – Human Toilet Training.

This week there are 10 requests for a period covering 7 times.  Guys … I only shit once every other day at most.

Which means there is an overflow of toilet slavery requests right now.  I can’t handle all of them.

Now, I am hoping that because this is June and the start of our traditional “slow” period that covers the summer months, that I’ll be able to fit you all in when session requests ease up.

Or will they?

One of my “problems” as a Mistress if that’s what you want to call it , is that I have about a 100% rebooking rate.  Slaves who see me are then devoted to me.

And since I’ve really started to improve after those covid lockdowns, session requests from repeat visitors just pop up on my phone all the time.  Like every single day.

I know it’s a new slave when he emails me at [email protected] or fills out the form below.

If I’m getting a text message session request, it’s a repeat session from someone I’ve often seen many times.

So what I’ve been trying to do is stagger the HTT sessions so they are every other day and on the days in between I am doing my normal Tease & Denial or other Femdom sessions.


Ok well that’s all I wanted to say in this blog.

Remember that every single day all through covid and continuing now – I post my stories, photos and videos on my Loyalfans femdom blog.

I will write here more often now that I am well again.

But you never have to miss me because I’m on Loyalfans every single day.  I don’t mind writing my thought out now.  I’ve been doing it every single day for 2+ years now.

Talk to you soon 🙂


Mistress Wael