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Nothing overly hot in this story, it’s just an update on what’s happening in the lives of  your Mistress’s and some corresponding thoughts as we near the end of April.

At the end of March when this all began in earnest my lease was ending but I was able to negotiate a month’s extension , which is ending Thursday.

So rather than write every day as I had intended to , I went on a house & condo search , trying to find the ‘next best place to live’ and had to make some tough decisions on the future of this business’s location as I did so.

As I see it, I had three options available to me.

a) Stick with my previous desire which was to move to a house and design the interior of it so that it resembled a play house of femdom furniture and devices.  One of which I coveted the most was to find a place that allowed me to suspend men from the ceiling and have them hang at the level of my thighs all nice and hog tied for me me , Arita, and Wael  to use ‘n abuse.

And why not make the leap?   My Twitter was booming having recently surpassed 5k followers and is quickly on the way to 6k.  Session requests had more then doubled the possible number of sessions the three of us could handle , and this condo – with its heavy-as-fuck marble furniture ate up all the empty space I used to have in my last condo.

I found this great house just a few steps away from Chit Lom and then on the same day I was infomed that a more spacious condo a few floors down below my current condo in the same building had become available.


b) I bought myself a few days time to think things over and see how this Covid thing would develop and then was slapped with the news that this country will remain shut down through the entiretly of May.  Which , since I closely follow Dr.Faucci’s model made perfect sense as the tail end of his curve doesn’t subside to comfortably low levels of spread until June anyways –  with July being the safer  of the two months to consider some sort of  “normalcy.”

Option B therefore could have me look for a tiny cheap place to wait out the storm for a couple more months , then pack all my shit up again and move to possibly a third temporary place before having a room in this building open up again.  So I’d be a travelling road show per se which didn’t strike me as being particualrly ideal.


c) Uncertainty.  In times of uncertainty , I’ve been wondering what the “new normal” is going to be like come the later part of the summer and early fall?  How long will it take before “you guys” all have your lives return to normal and would consider travelling again?  Not to mention, given the financial punch to the gut most are feeling right now – just how long will it be before ‘travelling’ even gets put on the front burner in your considerations of how to proceed with your life?

So given all that uncertainty – the only certain thing I know is that this condo’s location is damn near perfect.  I gotta admit, that in weighing the pros and cons of moving – the best thing I got going for me is that you all know my place is at most 5 minutes away from whatever hotel you choose to stay at.  (save for some of you whackos who chooose to stay way out by the muddy river )


Fuck it then, I’m gonna bite the bullet on my dreams to move into a nice spacious house and delay that idea for another year.

The new condo is just a few floors below this one and of the 3 I’ve stayed at in this building – it’s the nicest.

Won’t be suspending any of you dudes from the condo ceiling though – can’t have a Breaking Bad ceiling cave-in situation with you on the bottom of the rubble now can I?



Speaking of Breaking Bad – Mistress Wael is binge watching it finally – after years of coaxing her to do so.

Fuck has it ever been a tough month for her sister.  I have a new found respect for people suffering through withdrawl symptoms now having watched her sister convulse her way to the hospital not once but twice in April.

CBD oil for her was my idea – and while it did solve the problem of allowing her sister to sleep – it it no way shape or form was enough to stop the bodily convulsions in the daytime.

Those 90 pills a day were costing Wael over 10,000 a month – to which I say – what fucking person can call himself a doctor and look himself in the mirror every day – when prescribing 100 pills a day – but I digress.

Now that she’s off of the medication , ya sure it was the school of hard knocks  – but we learned that she definitely needs medication to control the shaking – as I saw from the video she showed me , her ‘sis can’t properly move her arm to get food from the dish to her mouth without it dropping all ove the place.

So anyways, we’re watching Breaking Bad at her place the other day and when she sees Walter’s son with Cerebral Palsy –  she notes that he acts very much like her sister – especially in the way he talks.

But all the medications are for Down Syndrome!  So now I’ve promised her that when this Covid ends and cash flow has returned to our lives , we’re going to get a private hospital doctor to properly analyze , diagnose, and prescribe for her ‘sis.

Also, a very heartfelf thanks from both of us to those of you who have supported Mistress Wael by either buying the videos she worked hard to amass for you , or by just making numerous small donations to help her get by.


Mistress Wael Goddess Domina Bangkok ThailandWhat is the new normal going forward?

Femdom – or at least my version of  it – is  very much based on sexiness and proximity.

Are we to wear masks in our sessions – is that the new proticol?  Fuck, I hope not.  Showers have always been mandatory , and its been fun shopping for extra towels that only dudes would like , finding out what shampoos men prefer by trial and error, (ie: NOT Head & Shoulders) and realizing early on that though guys love bar soap – they don’t use it if other guys have been cleaning their balls with it 2 hours before.   Try then – going as a girl to buy the “manliest” bottle soap –  and see the look the cashier gives me when ringing it up.

So what now, I have to buy ‘manly’ hand sanitziers for post shower rituals?

How about ‘man-masks’?  Do you prefer I buy The Lone Ranger mask or would a Hannibal Lector type mask suffice?


Ok in all seriousness, I reckon there is going to be two camps of Mistress’s moving forward.  Those – and I’m not gonna mention names – but you can see on Twitter who are the ones doing sessions just as they were before : aka: the old normal.

The other camp will be the ‘new-normal’ style Mistresses – face masks, face shields, rubber gloves , masks , hand sanitzier  – the whole nine yards.

I don’t know yet  exactly how I’ll be changing things but I have a few things that I’ll just continue doing as I’ve always done in the past.

Towels have always been one use only , and I have 12 sets of towels so that I don’t have to do laundry every day but rather once a week.   But maybe I think I will do laundry every day now.

Showers.  Soap.  Sanitizer , sure – I’ve always handled that with care.

But fuck, I need to be sexy.


My last session for instance, I had the guy tied to the kitchen chair – which was placed in the middle of the living room.  He was naked – hard as a rock sitting there – as I straddled him and rubbed his pulsing dick against my upper groin and let him describe in his own words – into my ear – how smooth my waxed pubic area felt to him.  Every time he’d try and describe how it felt I’d rub the sensitive part of his dick across my groin and give his dick one single tug – and a prolonged squeeze after.

“Whisper in my ear as you cum” I told him.

And I truly enjoy listening to all the things guys whisper when finally being allowed to cum.

Some thank me.  Some repeatedly say “oh god.”  And then there are those who just simply whimper uncontrollably.

No matter.  The point is – I have to get super close to you in order for such a Tease & Denial session to have its full effect on your mind.

Somehow I don’t think it’d be the same if I have on  rubber gloves , and we’re both wearing masks and face shields.  Agree?

So we’ll see ,  that’s a bridge we’ll cross together I suppose once we get to it.


Mistress Jaa Goddess Domina Dominatrix BangkokThat’s it guys.  I’m moving all my shit today and tomorrow.  And ya screw it, I’m dressing skimpy as fuck to do so.  This is what I wear every day for 6 weeks in a row and I’m not dressing up just to move boxes from one floor to another.  If it was safe to do so , no doubt I’d have a few of you submissive pets move it all for me while I supervised you doing so with a crop in hand.  But as it is , perhaps this outfit will get a few guys I will undoubtedly come across in the elevator to do my bidding for me.

My intention is to possibly start sessions again in June.   Maybe.  Perhaps.

Til then … kisses , hugs ,  and tugs for you all … stay safe.  We’re on the home stretch we hope right?  Not long now.




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