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3 months.  0 sessions.  And I am still alive.  Wow.

Not only that … I feel better and stronger and way more sexy than me in March.

In March I was 65 kg.   Today I hit 59kg  …  yes down 6kg.

Why?  How?


mistress-wael-thin-sexyI learned a new English word lately … budget.  How to budget 500 baht to last one month for food.  Actually I learn a lot of new english word lately and it really fuck up my Thai.

2 example.

Yesterday I went to buy mint from across the street the girl sale all the vegetebles on her cart.  I had no idea anymore how to say mint in Thai.   I kept saying “mint,  mint,  mint”  to her and try to make the English word sound Thai.

Then this morning I took the garbage to the bin and I trip on the hose the security man use to spray the plant.   I say to him “oh my gosh I am so sorry” and he look at me like I’m alien.

I should say “khaw tot” but I never do now.

Everything I say I  say in English now because I stay alone for 3 months in my room and only watch Netflix and PodCasts and never listen to Thai.

Maybe I will forget Thai soon?  Possible?


intermittent fasting 72 hours Mistress WaelBudget.  500 baht is $20 in your money.  How to make it last 1 month for food?

2 word.  Intermittent Fasting.

I eat 1 time 1 day only at 1pm.    And right now I try extend to 72 hour IF.   Money i can save if I eat 1 time every 3 days is better by 33%.

I cut rice from my diet.    I order a lot of fried chicken and Durian.  At 1pm I eat until full and done until 1 day pass.

Imagine that.   Can eat very spicy Korean style fried chicken and lose weight.

Maybe because 9pm-11pm every night I exercise around the condo.  16kg kettlebell – I carry that when I walk.  I lift it.  I  pull it.   If I could I would shit on it too because I hate it so much.

But when I  wake up I look in the mirror …  and I love my kettlebell … because I have more curve than yesterday 🙂


Ya my life is like that.   And I am learning.

Lately I watch everything about Elon Musk.  He inspire me.

In fact … my idea for my video store on this site come from the first 5 minutes of the podcast … from how many people buy his flamethrower …



I thought … if he can sell hat and a flamethrower and make 1 million … I can sale my videos and maybe survive a 4 month lockdown.

And it work!

Until P_yP_l close my account.   And then my sister account.   In 1 day.

So now all my video sales money is in Amazon gift card … but our airport is closed … so cannot buy anything.

That made me study bitcoin and now I have bitcoin wallet and will put 1 option to pay with bitcoin for the videos.

Now I am thinking … Elon sells more than 1 thing in his store.   I can do too.

So now this month I design Mistress Wael bdsm hats and tshirt and underwear.   Should be ready for July to sale.

Maybe a femdom flamethrower too.  Teach me how to make  … I will sale.


Thing is.  Covid or no Covid.  I change a lot this year.   I get smart.

I mean … I  m not smart like you.    But compare to me who I was before.  Yes I am much smarter than me 2 year ago.

And I feel frustrate.  Because I video call to my 2 daughter and try to teach both … try to change them … open their eye … teach 1 word of english every night.   Teach them about NeuroLink … about technology.

But they don’t want to know.   Don’t want to learn.

And when that happen and I feel frustrate … I see myself how I was like that at 14yo.

I try to chat with my girlfriends and cannot now.  They want to talk about everything basic and I want to talk about technology.

So I start now to understand what your head mistress tallk about  …  how we separate from basic level but not at your level … we caught in between.  And that make us feel isolate.   Yes I get it now.


That is why I cannot wait for sessions to start again.   I feel I can be much better than 4 months ago.

You know something?

I never stop to dream about femdom and bdsm.  I have Mistress dreams every night.

Last night I dream about control a man and his wife … in their home … in France!!   I taught her how to be a Mistress and we sex torture her husband every day when he come home from work.

I woke up this morning and my pussy was so wet.

I did buy 1 thing from my Amazon money.   Civilization 6 game.   Because I saw on Facebook a group for it in Thai and made me want to try.

All my city has a bdsm name.

Fort Ballbreaker.  BDSM City.  Town of Men with Small Dicks.  HumiliationVille.

But I lose every game.  Just like my Jiu Jitsu …  I  am too nice.   I want world peace but everybody make war and attack me.

So now I play Canada so nobody can war with me.   I will make world peace!!




Ok that is my update.  I cannot wait to Tease you again very soon.

SMS me anytime please.   I love to talk with everybody.  It keeps me company.

I still believe not until my birthday August 15 will everything start to be normal.

When sports comes back and I can watch hockey again … then I feel people will relax and start to remember to enjoy life.

human-toilet-training-alave-viewRight now there is too much politics and protest.

And why?   Because I think no sports.  Sports is like the pill to make everybody calm down.

… and I am like the pill you take to get excited.

Don’t worry.   Both pills coming after August  🙂


Mistress Wael


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