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A GFE (Girlfriend Experience) is something that I think only exists in Thailand and though very few of the working girls in city are smart enough to call it by name it is in fact what they are offering as a service without them even recognizing it because of their stupidity.  So before explaining to you the question most asked to me in emails, “what is your mgfe session like?” i should first explain just what exactly what the Isaan version has made it to be.



gfe example craigslist


A GFE is a girl that you can take with you 24 hours a day and not only will she clean your place, put toothpaste on your brush, and lay out your washed and ironed clothes for you to wear in the morning, but you can also cum in her mouth, cum in her ass, and cum in her pussy all before noon every day.  Try doing that with your wife 555.  All that for the dollar store prices.

Mistress Wael has a friend, Mai, who is living the Thai dream of being a long term gfe in Solleftea Sweden and being paid 15,000 for the month for the pleasure of living in the middle of nowhere.  Look I’ve never been to Sweden, Solleftea is probably a nice place … in June.  Let’s see in January how much she likes it.  Pretty clever, for 500 baht a day a 55 year old guy can have a 25 year old girl as his maid and sexual servant and be the talk of the town in beautiful downtown Solleftea when he takes her for a walk on the weekends.

“Hey is that your wife?” somebody will ask, “No, she’s my gfe”

How ridiculous.

gfe expired girlHey there’s a market for it so let it be.  For every semi pretty Isaan girl there are 100 foreigners willing to have conversations for the next 20 years about “where you go today?” and answering “no there is no never never land, it doesn’t exist dear” when watching Peter Pan together.  At least the sex is good until she reaches 30, but even then it’s like Logan’s Run where you take her back here, say thank you very much but your palm button has turned red and trade her in for a new 25 year old 5 year lease.

I realized a long long time ago in brain washing camp , you know : school … that things are gonna be the way they are and if I want to be different it’s up to me to change things.  So the fact that gfe exists doesn’t bother me, and so I of course have made up my own version of a gfe , called a mgfe or mistress girlfriend experience and it’s so very different than what is out there right now.  My last weekend session was a good example of what a gfe or mgfe experience is like so let me tell you how i approached his 4 hour gfe session request …

If it works out we can do a GFE session when I return, with dinner. Interested?

That’s the 25th request in the last month for a 3 or 4 hour session and i have turned down all but 2 of them, this guy’s invitation and one other which I will tell you about today.  It’s not about the money, a 4 hour session with me is 12,000 baht, and that I’ve turned down 23 of them means I’ve suggested instead that the less expensive 2 hour session is far better for what the person is suggesting he likes for the session.  It’s about making the person coming to see me fully happy.  Since most have never truly experienced what it’s like to be teased mercilessly they think that they need 4 hours of it to be fully content.  No, most beg for release after the first hour, very few make it to the 1.5 hour mark, and just a precious handful survive the full two hours.  Four hours would be unimaginable for most.

That leaves you wondering what do you have to interested in to get me to agree to a 4 hour session?  The answer is easy, you have to be interested in me and not yourself.

If your email has the word ‘I’ written more times than the word “you” consider rethinking what you have written before sending it to me.

“I want to cum 4 or 5 times” … go to Mango Massage on soi 24

“I want …followed by a list of 20 things to try in 4 hours” … pick 4 and book 2 hours dee kwaa


But if you want to go from 2 hours up to 4 hours , fill out my form like this guy did …

gfe making you happy


I feel I am successful because I especially follow Dale Carnegie’s 4th principle of life with everyone who contacts me, which is …

4. Become Genuinely Interested In Other People

The guy who sent me that email seems to be interested in my happiness , and since i’m already interested in his then yes, I think a 4 hour gfe .. or mgfe session is possible.  My mission in such is to give you an experience so amazing that you can’t get me out of your head for weeks or months and we’re not gonna get that by staying in a condo room for 4 hours, we need to get out in the city and have fun together.

gfe sms inviteSo the guy who wanted to meet me last Sunday, the same guy you see in my ass worship photos, was coming to see me for a second session and since we clicked so well the first time I wanted to take the things he liked … ass worship , light humiliation , tease & denial … and expand greatly from what we did the first time.  So first I got him going with telling him what to wear or not to wear – without giving up where I was taking him or what to expect.

So he can wear anything he wants, nobody’s gonna notice or care … and when I met him at Asoke Skytrain station I made that even more clear by wearing my army short shorts, a sexy tank top and my sunglasses while he showed up in a blazer and dress pants, a perfect mismatch.  “Am I overdressed or are you underdressed” he asked and I replied “I told you already, clothes are irreverent for the dinner”.

“So we can just go naked and nobody would care is that it?”

“If you wanted to go naked then yes, nobody would say anything.”

He had to pick up his pace trying to follow me as I naturally walk very fast and it was amusing listening to the ‘clop clop clop’ noise his dress shoes made trying to half job to keep up with me as we headed back to the place he just left his room from … the Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit Hotel.

“We’re going back to my room?” he asked, now completely puzzled by where I was leading him.  I had told him to book a room specifically at the Sheraton Grand to make his day even more convenient for him as we only had 4 hours and i wanted to make the most out of every single minute during his evening with me.  Sometimes you don’t have to go to a flower garden to seek out roses, you can often find the most beautiful flowers right under your nose if you just take the time to look.  Unfortunately most people go through life trying to get from Point A to Point B without realizing all the amazing places in between.

When I say I’m going to take you for a night out in Bangkok you can rest assured I’m not gonna take you to any of the thousands of temples in the city, that you can do on your own.  Where I take you depends on what I think might suit the evening and in his case since he pestered me about how much he loves to be teased but that his wife can’t or won’t do that for him, I had the perfect place in mind 20 meters below his hotel room 😛

Men are always trying to trade in their FWE , fucking wife experience for the far more sexy MGFE that let’s them wonder what their life would have been like had they met me first.

I think what makes me different than other girls is that I’m always trying to mess with men’s minds and when I see a scene in a movie where the girl has the man wrapped around her finger, i’ll do my best to re-create that exchange in real life.  Ever since I saw Flashdance I’ve tried to imitate the restaurant tease scene but I’m lacking the long legs it takes to be able to slide my foot up your pant leg to your crotch, so I’ve long since found the next best thing that lets me tease guys at dinner …


Dine in the Dark is the sexiest place to have dinner in the city.  After finding my succulent pork chop on my dish i ripped a piece off with my thumb and fingers and pulled his head close to mine and let him suck both the pork and the sauce off until my three fingers were perfectly clean.

“Now feed me” I said , sliding my hand down between his legs and held his stiffening dick through his pants as his spoon found my mouth.  “You know” I said whispering into his ear, “we could fuck quietly here and nobody would even know” and bit his ear lobe.

He went to kiss me and since I was holding his chin my hand found his cheek quite accurately and the slap shook the darkness like thunder shocks you from your sleep at night.  We were sitting in complete darkness, so dark that you cannot even see your finger if you held it an inch from your eye.  But though we couldn’t see each other, I could hear him, specifically his breathing which was heavy with my hand caressing the head of his cock … which was ready to burst through his zipper.

On the second bite I let him find my finger and lick the gravy from the vegetables that came with the totally disguised dish.  Part of the thrill of the evening is not only my teasing him, but both of us having our taste sensors fully awake wondering what food our mouths were tasting.  My dish was a happy mixture of a sour sauce lightly covering my vegetables … asparagus i think, and a rich thick gravy covering my pork or lamb chop , i’m still not sure which it was.  The soft mash potato was especially unique to taste because I think the mouth pulls back from soft mushy food as a natural reaction to the horrible baby slop we had to endure the first year of our lives.

My fingers hit his tongue as I tried to find his mouth a third time and like an amphibian his tongue curled and sucked my finger into his mouth … and then spat it out just as fast.

“oh, bitter, what is that? That’s awful”


“Why interesting?”

“Umm, because most guys say things like “sweet as honey” when they taste my pussy, but you say bitter, so somebody’s lying.”

“again … come on again let me try again … again please”

“Just eat.”  but he didn’t take another bite for a minute or two, no doubt trying to suck now on the bit of wetness from my pussy that was in his mouth in an effort to change bitter goo to honey.  When his hand went for my leg I let him think he was making progress until he just about hit the honey pot where I lifted it up and guided it back to his lap.  One of the things I’ve never liked about a restaurant is that you traditionally sit across from one another.  This experience gets you up close and personal with your date as you sit side by side, and in total blackness it adds to the sense of touch being so close and feeling the heat from each others body.

dine in the dark bangkok jaa4u pasaya


“What would you do to taste it for real?” I asked.

“I would do anything” and he stiffened again when he said that to me as my hand had not left the outside of his pants since the beginning of the meal.  “If I locked you in a room and told you that I would face sit you with no panties when we get back to the condo tonight … if you could just get out of the room, would you accept that as your obstacle?

“Ya of course”

“…and if I told you that getting out of the room isn’t that easy, would you still try?” and he replied right away saying “why does this room have a secret exit or something?”

“No not this room, but the room I have in mind is close by.”

Truly it is.  How many of you have wandered around Asoke here in Bangkok and had no idea you were seconds away from two of the most amazing experiences in the city?  No I don’t mean Terminal 21, though that does have my favorite desert place Secret Recipe and the two best cakes in Bangkok : the Chocolate Lava Cake and the Raspberry Cheese Cake and you can find me eating there many times a week.

Some might argue that my pussy is sweeter than any cake at Secret Recipe but that place between my legs is a 10 star restaurant and you have to earn your seat at the table.  All he had to do to earn his seat was get out of a room, how hard could that have been right?

So what i’ll often do is give a guy a chance of a reward on the chance that he simply gets out of the room in time.

If … he has to use a clue, his reward gets severely lessened.

If he has to use two or more clues, he gets the normal session … in this guys case, he would get facesitting with clean panties on.

However, if he cannot escape the room, he must submit himself to whatever I want to do with him without question.

As we inched our way out of the restaurant and back into the eyeball burning sun I reached into my bag and pulled out the dog tail, then the dog ears, followed by the dog leash and collar and finally the dog nose and placed them all in this guys arms to hold and carry.

“For what?” he laughed.

“For you … if you don’t escape the room in time.” and added a few seconds later “woof woof”.


“Meaning exactly what it looks like, if you don’t get out of the room within the time allowed you will be walked home as my dog.”

“and if I say no to that?”

“Well then you get the spanking back at the condo with no safe word … your choice.”

With his right hand he did that thing that guys do when they are thinking about making a tough and ultimately stupid decision … they cover their mouth and nose with their hand and squeeze their nose with the first finger and thumb like their trying to remove it from their face.

“Ya ok I agree because i’m sure i’m gonna be tasting your pussy again tonight.”

“Really?” and if you’ve read my stories before you know I say that word often when I hear something I don’t believe or I know is completely false.  What I’m doing is basically playing a kinky adult version of Truth or Dare but where the odds are heavily in my favor to win.

You see, the room that i’m talking to is one of the puzzle rooms offered in the very exciting and fun game called The Escape Hunt which is nearly impossible to escape from with the only pressure on you being the one hour time limit you have to find a way out of the room by solving the mystery inside.  Once I add the pressure of the doggy experience for losing and have not only shown him the dog suit he will have to wear but had him hold the pieces in his arms the extra pressure occupies a space in the sub-conscious.



I’m thinking you don’t have too much experience on getting out of tight places with only being able to use your brain whereas I’ve gone there so often that it’s second nature to me now.  Here, play this much simpler interactive game to see if you can get out of an easier room before agreeing to my humiliation challenge … i give you 5 minutes to solve the video …



See?  Not as easy as you think.  The fact is only 2% of the population can escape the room with no clues, .002% if you are only counting people from my country … *insert stupid thai tv sound effect here* … and no Boston Rob cannot come save you.  I’m one of the .002 by the way, but to be fair I did get my brains in Australia 🙂

He actually did really well, for the first 10 minutes.  There are about 3 doors and 3 other locks you have to open with both clues and false clues alike everywhere in each room.  At 15 minutes he said he needed a clue.

“I’ve done it before so if you ask me, i might or might not give you a good clue, but you won’t be punished any further.  If you pick up the phone and ask your Room Supervisor she will help you for sure, but you not only get nothing as I told you earlier but you will also be punished even more if you do not escape after you get the clue.”

He asked me , and since I was in a good dog walking mood yesterday I gave him a useless clue.  At 30 minutes I could clearly see both the excitement from the fun of the game and the frustration on his face growing with each passing minute.  At 40 minutes he walked right past me and picked up the phone looking at me with the devil in his eye.  Our cute Room Supervisor came in and looked at me since I was just sitting there laughing but I pointed to him and said to help my slave because he’s gonna need a lot of help in the next 20 minutes.

At 10 minutes I started to count down the minutes one at a time by saying “Woof” at the end of each minute.

With ‘woof woof’ minutes left to play he picked up the phone again.  The room was a mess with papers, glasses, paints, typewriters, cameras, photos scattered all over the floor and him sitting in the middle trying to figure out how a broken camera somehow had the last clue he needed to get inside the hidden safe he had found.  When the room supervisor told him that he missed a very important clue on the wall in the third room he ran back with a minute left.

‘woof’ I said loudly as he came running back with a key and a box.  He got it open at 50 seconds left and right at 30 seconds left a light bulb went off in his head.  If he had 2 extra minutes he might have had time to solve the room and escape but instead i counted down the last 10 seconds with a ‘woof’ between each one and the time ran out just as he figured out the secret message that he had written on the board 50 minutes before.   His failure was that he didn’t appreciate how clever he was at the beginning, and one of the clues that i am sure everybody who plays that room will miss … he actually got, and he wrote it on the wall.  Too bad.

Drinking tea a few minutes after he was still trying to put together the lost clues and figure out the mystery … as I was holding his dog collar in my hand.

“Please he said looking up … i’ll take the extra punishment in the room instead Mistress” his eyes almost pleading.

“Fine” I said standing up for the ‘loser photo’ yet again, wondering if there is a guy out there who is indeed clever enough to one day stand beside me with the “We Escaped” photo being taken.

His gfe date was about to get very kinky, but not in the way the Isaan gfe dates usually go.  What did that gfe girl above say she offered?  69, cim and anal sex , and that “if you are looking for something a little different and really special for your trip in Bangkok then here she is.”  Well if she was talking about me she got the anal rape part right, just now how she does it i’m quite sure.

cim for me means ‘cane in muscle’ … as in my spanking cane landing hard into your ass muscle.

dog mask for gfe experienceSince he had used two clues and that he chose not to endure the dog walking treatment he got his facesitting fantasy downgraded to me wearing my Mango jeans on his face and that he didn’t get out as well so his tease was going to be a bit of a punishment and not a fun thing for him this time.

I tied him to the bed , 1 hand but both feet so that he had his left hand free on the bed at my condo.

“You’re going to tease & denial yourself … and i’m going to help you.”

I sat down above his face and let him naturally start to play with himself with his wrong hand, or I assumed it would be his wrong hand since he had used his right hand to write on the board back in the room.  “I’m gonna give you 30 seconds to cum , starting now” and not surprisingly he didn’t really do that good of a job trying to get his dick to orgasm. Not until I tickled him for the next minute while sitting on his face struggling to breathe as he laughed until he cried.  Then when I told him he had 30 seconds to orgasm his second attempt had a bit more effort.  But still, no shower of cum made me have to tickle him again.

“Stop, please stop” he pleaded.

“You want me to stop then cum, or it’s gonna be a long two hours for you.”

He wanted to answer but before he could the tickling started again, this time under his right arm pit where he couldn’t close the space and it was too far from his free left arm to assist him.  The tickling was merciless for the whole minute until I stopped suddenly and started the countdown again from 30.  This time he took a good 10 seconds to catch his breath as I sat up off his face to give him all the air he needed to try to cum.  He couldn’t do it in 20 seconds so we began again.

I reached down to between his legs and tickled with my fingers the insides of his thighs because those too were out of reach of his left hand and neither could he close his legs.

Have you ever been in a bad situation that you have to face no matter how bad it is and how bad the result could be if you do face the problem?  I had that when my dad left, when I saw him walk away for the last time at 9yo and I remember the day the crying finally stopped and I told myself that I have to face what had happened.  It was even harder to tell myself that things were not ‘going to be ok’ than it was to sit there and be sad about it but I did.


That’s a harsh comparison but if you’ve ever been in a tickle torture you’ll know that the feeling of having to face your problem is about the same.  Each passing minute that you have to endure the torture the recovery time gets longer and your strength gets weaker.  It took him all together about 25 minutes to reach the point of convincing himself that he couldn’t be tickled … much … and that he better get serious about cumming for me or like I said it was going to be a long 2 hours.

At 30 minutes he learned the secret of escaping from the tickle torture, only the 10th to do so in all the tickle sessions I’ve done.  About 10, give or take 1 or 2 … the point is that most can’t think after a few minutes and it just becomes a wonderful hell for 2 hours.

He trickle exploded after 35 minutes and exploded isn’t the word I need but I don’t know how to describe the man’s orgasm when the cum just leaks out with no energy.  It kinda appears like magic is the best way to describe it.

“I came, I came look” he said showing me the leakage on his thumb dripping down to his tummy.

“You used 2 clues today right?” I asked back.

“um, yes twice, why?”

“because that’s how many times you’re gonna cum for me now” and I wiped off the remaining cum, put 2 squirts of oil into my hand and viciously rubbed the sensitive top part of his dick back and forth as fast as I could to make him scream into my jeans.  That took 15 minutes, half of which was just me pumping a dead dick until he finally got hard 10 minutes into his second time.  By then his cock was red and he wasn’t enjoying it.  I guess it becomes more like a “get it out of me” type of feeling … the same kind I get when a guy tries not to cum for 1/2 an hour during sex.

But I did give him a choice before he came … “tease and denial for the last 45 minutes or finish you?”

“no more , just finish me” he begged.

Just like I said, most of the guys think they want tease & denial and think they can endure it but cannot.

“How was the gfe in your mind?”

“It was perfect, it wasn’t a session it was the funnest kinkiest gfe date i’ve ever had.” he said.

“That’s because it was an MGFE , and not the typical GFE.”

“Then I’m sold on MGFE forever” he laughed 🙂


Jaa xx