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As I write this, there is a guy getting more psychological domination than he bargained for, and it’s because he knowingly was in on a scheme to trick me.  He … well he is getting exactly what he asked for :

I prefer more of a humiliation and psychological domination , embarrassment, etc.

And she, his Hong Kong mistress is gonna get a taste of her own blackmail so i’m gonna let the psychological domination that he so desperately wanted continue on for a few more hours, and he can buy a new ticket and fly home whenever we decide to release him.  A bit too extreme?  Ya maybe, but i have one hell of an imagination and when it’s unleashed on someone who betrayed my trust, the consequences are on the outer edge of psychological domination .


psychological dominance


So let’s start off with his fantasy.  He innocently stated that he has a common fantasy, maybe not in the top 3 but definitely in the top 10 of all fantasies asked for which is :

I’m not sure if you would be open to an idea… but…. One of the things that I thought that we could do in the three hours, keeping in mind that I’m looking for humiliation and degradation, is to pick up a girl in one of the bars and I would take her back to the hotel (you would either join me to get her or i can get her and get to the hotel about the same time as you) but you would not let me have sex with her instead you would humiliate me by making me do things while she watches in disbelief.

Doable but not easily though.  Bar girls are interested in one thing and one thing only – turnover, and no not pies – how fast she can get you to cum so she can go.  Hanging around and watching me make a guy do something in “disbelief” isn’t her thing and anyways, and saying a hooker stares in disbelief at sex is like saying you stared in disbelief at a fat kid eating a bucket of KFC. ( Now if the KFC had a fried rat instead of chicken … ok maybe i’ll allow you a bit of disbelief on your face. )

Now here’s where I find the psychological domination is being played on me by his Hong Kong mistress.  I met him at Ploen Chit bts Skytrain station and as I’m on the way I send an sms to him saying I’m 5 mins away to which I get the reply “he is there”.  Either this guy talks about himself in the third person and goes by the name of 2pac , 50 cent, or Prince … then I’ve been talking to somebody else.

Or have I?

You see, imagine a scale perfectly balanced and that would represent 50% of all relationships that are vanilla.  Most of the other 50% who are interested in following their fantasies a bit more are looking for a scale that is slightly off balance to one side or the other and those are the types who come to see me.  Beyond that there’s about 10% of the population left, of which 8% are looking for the “s&m” part of bdsm where they really enjoy enduring pain.

Leaving us with the last 2% who are desperately looking for the scale that is completely unbalanced to the side furthest away from them.  Unattainable.  Their fantasies are so strange and so bizarre that there is almost nobody in the world who is far enough on the other side of that fantasy to give them what they want.

My first example of this was in a session with one of the original Mistress Jaa’s German customers a few years back when I had just met her.  The guy was nice enough, he brought me coffee and chocolate and brought Jaa some spanking toys as he was very very much into heavy spanking , especially face slapping.  She often made me summarize super long emails that went on for pages about what every corner of the guys mind is hiding and desiring and this guy was even too much for me to read.  On and on he went in how to face slap, the proper form, correct tempo of the slaps, the upsetting of the rhythm, how to be unpredictable in which side to slap, and an essay on the difference between slaps with leather gloves, skin and latex.


psychological domination


But as much as he wrote about his face slapping knowledge, he wrote even more about how dangerous it was for him to come see Jaa for if his Cambodian village Mistress found out he had betrayed her that his life would be over.  She would blackmail him to the point that he would have no choice but to live his life in her shack serving her forever because she would be chaining him to the pipes.  He would beg over and over to not reveal his real identity for fear that she would find out.

In Thai we say “guanteen” when reading something like that … or “wurrr” both of which suggest “way too fucking much” … or the total tipping of the scale to the far side.  The session went off fine, he was completely normal and even maybe over polite if I had to fault him with something and not once did he talk about his Cambodian girl.  In fact, he was heading back to Germany a few days after the session and agreed to meet us the next day which was a Sunday saying he may even come back for a Monday session as well before flying on the Tuesday.

We didn’t hear from him until Wednesday when she got an email that said something like “this is the last email i’ll ever be able to write , as I feared she has found me out and has kidnapped me and taken me back to her country.  She has all my id, my money and most importantly my address and wife’s phone number which she will use to destroy my marriage if I don’t obey her.”

You know, the obvious thing I wanted to say back to him was “wouldn’t never going home again put a strain on your relationship with your wife anyways?” … but it was her email and her guy to do with as she wanted so I didn’t bother saying anything.

What I learned though is that guys will go so far to realize a fantasy that is so hard to get that they will fully imagine it and try to play it out exactly how they see it in the brain.

domination | hong kong mistressThat’s what the guy I was meeting last week was up to i was sure of it, right from how he acted all in a panic when I met him.  He started by telling me that he had been forced to meet me at the station by his Hong Kong mistress and that she had forbid him to have sex for many years but she wanted to tease him by making him get a whore and then have me not allow him to have sex with her.

He was to do anything I asked of him but to please please please not let him have sex with the prostitute or his Mistress in HK would punish him so much that his life would be in danger.

Fuck .. guanteen … wuur.

Look i’m nice, 99% of my sessions are very sexy seductive teases where I get you to go out of your mind with desire and then use that playfully against you.  It’s the 1% you have to be careful about and the only people who get to see that 1% are the people who betray me and the people who play games with me.  Right Bruce?  Don’t worry babe, only 1002 days left until you can see her again.

“Those girls won’t stay, they’re professional the ones at Nana , we have to go further away” I said to him totally aware that I was sounding like the girls in the movie Hostel, but hey my whole idea was Hostel’ish so it had to be said.

In the taxi I called Mistress Wael and made arrangements with her in Thai.

Mistress Wael is a Chiang Rai girl, poorest of the poor and until I met her was trying to live on 500 baht a day as a cook and had a second job doing massage on her day off to make enough money to survive the month.  She’s still my Jr.Mistress in training but think that when you pay her 4,000 for the amazing session she does that she once had to work all week 12 hours a day for the same amount.

So when she made 12,000 baht a month and had to send 5,000 of that back to family it left her with 7,000 to survive on, and so her place that she lived was 1,000 a month.  You can close your eyesdomination | thai slum and think what kind of hole of a place you get for only 1k a month and then think in what kind of dark dingy soi that place must be.  She lives at my condo now, but that creepy scary place that is no bigger than a normal bathroom in your country she still keeps.  I think she still thinks you guys are lying to her when you say her sessions are great and she’ll wake up and have to go back to living in a place like that.  I wouldn’t let that happen even if it did, but it won’t, she’s great and getting better and sexier every month as she finds her true self.

Anyways, the point is , her spooky place was available, and it was time to do some psychological domination  of my own.

If you don’t already know, i’m a horror geek.  I stay up all night every night watching any horror movie I can get at the market mostly because I’m lonely and by myself all the time and partly because it lets me escape my sister who sleeps in her mountain of filth on the other side of the room.  It takes a lot to scare me since I’ve seen so many movies and the only ones that do scare the hell out of me are the ones where I don’t see whatever is bad in the movie because they don’t show it.

Like somebody told me “IT” is the scariest movie they ever saw and I just had to see it.  Well, if that movie was scary, either he saw it when he was … oh … 5 and hasn’t seen it since, or … that’s the only movie he’s ever seen.  It’s not scary.  Why?  Because I see the clown.  It’s a fu**ing clown.  Now the guy who told me to see IT was British and I think all Brit’s (especially one i know) have a pussy between their legs be they male or female, cuz clowns scare everyone in England it seems.

The less you see, the less you are told what’s going on, the more scary the situation is , whether it’s a movie or it’s a guy being driven to a broken down building on a side soi off of a side soi at 10pm at night.  Get my point?

I didn’t think he’d come up to the room, but I hadn’t told Wael what was in my mind and she was smiling and polite so it fooled him enough to make him follow us inside.

The security at her place was a drunk guy slouched over his 2 foot high white plastic chair and 20 bottles of Chang beer at his feet which we walked past without disturbing him from his sleep and not even the thick grey door that moaned when I slid it open after Wael unlocked it woke the security guy.   The hallway was lit with small fluorescent lights that were far apart enough that we were walking from dim light to darkness and back again as we walked down the cracked walled hallway to the stairs.  The walk up to the fourth floor got more and more narrow at the top and we had to duck to not hit our heads on the concrete of the next flight of stairs.

His intuition finally kicked in when Wael opened the door to her little rectangular room that would fit 6 bathtubs side by side and end to end at most.  He only stuck his head in and didn’t want to proceed at all.

Fine.  We left him there and I had to pull Wael’s hand to do so because she felt sad I think that he didn’t want to go into the place she called home for the past year.  So standing outside the room, what were his options?  To walk back to the main road.  Ya he could have, 10 minute walk would get him to Sukhumvit and the BTS , i don’t think he wanted to make that walk alone though.  He was scared, the psychological domination he and his chick had over me was now my psychological domination over him i’d say at that moment.

thai toilet domination“Go shower” I told him and Wael opened the door to the box sized room with our Thai toilet and the brown bucket she used to scoop water onto herself when she once showered there.

“In there?” he asked.

“Ya why, it’s Thai, I showered like that since I was a baby, welcome to how 90% of us live.”

He stripped slowly looking for a place to hang his clothes and ended up giving them to me to fold.   We closed the door and let him do what we asked him to do … while we quietly left the room and went down to the street again.  At the end of the soi there’s a small shack that sells things and was still open so we went there so I could tell Wael what was going on.

It’s about perspective.  To a 5 year old Mickey Mouse is a 10 foot rat.  I explained to Wael that he will either leave the room pissed off and mad , which is fine.  Or, he’s shit scared and won’t be coming out until morning.

“If he calls a taxi?” she asked and I said “not without this he won’t” showing her the mobile phone I borrowed from his pants as I had folded them.

Twenty minutes and two green tea’s later he still hadn’t left the condo.  I think it was beyond psychological domination  now, I’m sure he was up there thinking he was in a Thai sequel of the Hostel movies.  We waited another 10 and went back to finish the game I was playing.

When we got to the 4th floor again he was sitting on the steps outside the room with his purple striped shirt unbuttoned and smoking what looked like his second cigarette since at his foot was the butt of his first.

“My phone” he said holding out his hand.

“Admit to me first that there is no Hong Kong mistress.”

“Yes there’s no HK mistress is that what you want to hear , give me my phone.”

“Why, don’t you want me to make you do all kinds of things to Mistress Wael so she can stare in disbelief?” I laughed getting the words out.

He didn’t answer, he just took the phone I was holding out in my palm and hurried down the stairs to leave the building.

No harm done.  Wael learned a bit more about psychological domination and how to play with a guys mind, I learned … hmm … maybe to just keep heading for home if something smells fishy, and he learned … nothing.

Why nothing?

Because the next day I got an email from his Hong Kong Mistress apologizing and saying how i’m just a professional mistress and that I wouldn’t be able to understand the psychological domination that she was performing on him since i’m only in it for the money.  As punishment for allowing me to do that to him she …

Did not let him in bed last night, and may not do for a while. I put a sheet on the floor and sprinkled rice on it. That is where he spent the night with his own underwear in his mouth. He was a mess when I woke up. Today his task is to buy a chastity device, which I never thought we would need, but now I think it is the only way. Until now he simply was not allowed to touch with his hands he penis when it us hard but could creatively get himself off and luck up all the mess. He is horrified, that now he can not even dry hump pillows or the couch to get himself off. A whole new chapter begins… So in a way… I thank you. Had it not been for you, we would not have gotten here. And I think I am going to like it…. Take care, Viv 

Interestingly, the email was sent from Bangkok.

For us who live on either side of the slightly unbalanced scale, Bangkok is in Thailand, but for those living on the lopsided scale I guess it’s possible to convince oneself that we’re actually from Hong Kong.  haha 🙂

Jaa xx