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Fuck Forms, Send an Email for a Session

I was wondering all month why session requests disappeared completely all of a sudden – right in the middle of one of the busiest months of the year.

Now I got my answer … the Ninja Forms on each blog post has stopped working and so even though it looks like your requests got sent, in truth it hasn’t done fuck all with your request.

Given that in March I get somewhere near 60 session requests and Wael gets 60 of her own, there must be a lot of people scratching their heads at why we suddenly went from responding withing 8 hours as that has always been our modus operandi ….

To now just seemingly not even bothering to reply.

Not the case at all.

We just didn’t know the forms had stopped working.


So, I’m fucking done with forms.  I had tried Gravity Forms and now Ninja Forms, and both have caused nothing but headaches.

Umm, which in part is my fault as I have no idea how to make jaa4u a mail server so that I can send and receive emails from this website.  Which is what is needed for those form services to work properly.

Hey, if you know how to do that and wish to help out, email me please.


Going forward then, if you want a session with either of us … just send a nice old fashioned email.

I find anyways that the “boxy” looking nature of the form boxes makes people less expressive when filling them out, and people when given the chance to write to me talk for ages which is what I like.

So ya, let’s do that.

I now have to go through all 800 blog posts and delete the form box, and make the Book A Session section more detailed in describing what to include in your email.  I’ll do that tonight.


Also, in case you’ve been thinking that our lack of posting on our jaa4u blog is because we’re away or something,  that isn’t the case at all.

We’re posting every single day, multiple times a day on our respective LoyalFans femdom blog as that somehow has taken over how we do things around here.

I’ve gotten away from writing primarily for this site and I need to correct that.

You know, I’ve gotten so used to  a) writing around the censorship these other sites put on me – so much so that it feels natural to do so , and b) fitting my thoughts into the meager 2000 words they allow.  Shame on me.

I’m verbose.  Talking off the top of my head endlessly is what I’m about, so I should be posting here.

Thing is, it’s that fucking lure of money that makes me post over there as it is a significant source of income … so I tend to take care of it like babysitting a kid.  It’s bothersome, I’m mad at myself for letting money dictate what I prefer to do.


Let me sum up some of my major thoughts that I’ve been expressing over on my Loyalfans blog so you can get caught up without having to read through the last 100 femdom stories I’ve put up over there.

My availability for sessions is Monday to Thursday evening at either 7pm or 10pm and Friday at 4pm with Satuday’s and Sunday’s off.

On top of that, I’m only doing 3 sessions per week maximum.  This is just to keep my sanity as in the past I’ve had difficulty saying no to sessions and would try to do 15-20 / week which drove me insane.

Thus, I’m being VERY selective about who I see, cherry picking per se, looking through the conversations I’m having in emails and seeing which submissive guy would be fun to dominate for an evening.

Which is slowly but surely, putting the fun back into doing sessions and being a Mistress again.

I’m ok with just making enough money to be happy.  I have no debt to carry in my life so I really don’t see the point of adding unneeded stress of trying to work my ass off.

Dominating you guys should be a fun thing to do for the both of us, don’t you agree?

So, when you see the “Contact Us” space below and read my suggestion about being VERY expressive and lengthy when you email in your session request … take that advice seriously as … well you can do that math right?

If I’m doing 3x sessions / week that means 12 sessions per month … out of the … let’s modestly say 40 session requests, which means I’m saying no to 60% of all session requests and passing them off to Mistress Wael.


My other option is to hire a new girl, but to be honest, TRAINING A NORMAL GIRL TO BE A MISTRESS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE.  Ever.

Keep that in mind when you are exploring other options in the city, hint hint nudge nudge.  Oh sure, I can find a girl, dress her up in Mistress garb, teach her how to fulfill the fetish requests like spanking, face slapping and so on.

I’d get the same results training a monkey to do bdsm on you.  There’s no brains behind the girl, no natural dominant personality, and if I’m calling it like it is … 99% of the time what you’re getting is a Mistress who will suck your cock if she thinks there’s extra money in it.

So I ain’t hiring anyone new.  I’ll let that be the M.O of other operations in the city.   Me and Mistress Wael are as genuine as you will find when it comes to girls who were absolutely born to be Mistress’s due to our life experiences and warped personality.

And I’m not changing that.


Here, lemme elaborate on a story that I posted on my Loyalfans a couple of weeks ago, it’ll help drive home the point more succinctly.

So there’s this new massage shop in town and in the basement it has a small bdsm dungeon which few know about as it’s brand new.

No doubt the owner is being controlled by a foreigner who has this idea of taking a slice of the femdom pie for himself and is using her as his puppet.

So the dude has invested in this massage shop under her name and is indulging his fantasies by building this cute little dungeon that can be used and rented out.  Only one problem … he doesn’t have any Mistresses working for him, only “masseurs.”

I put that in quotes because “masseurs” are like just one step up from being a bar girl or a go-go dancer.  This is the city of happy endings after all, and so they all have just as much experience at riding dick as they do massaging your shoulders.

His idea then is to have these massage girls become Mistresses, only – he needs somebody to train them to become dominas and that’s where I came into the picture.

His pussy puppet owner asked me – as she knew what I do for a living and how tenured I am – to train her crew of chicks in the ways of the dungeon.

I told her straight up that it wasn’t possible.  I explained that being a Mistress comes only from solving 100’s if not 1000’s of situations that come up in sessions, dealing with the infinite different personalities all you slaves have.

Then I explained that doing so – effectively – was only possible if one had a certain perspective on life (re: the absolute opposite that girls are taught to have , thanks to our brain washing schools)

As you know, I was suspended countless times from high school, more times than you have fingers and toes.  I didn’t toe the line, never fell into place, instead – I rebelled at everything being shoved down my throat.

THAT mindset is where the seeds of being a Mistress are born.

From there I spent a year in Sydney, Australia – homeless and going to school because my parents only paid for the education part of the school year, I had to learn how to survive and get shelter, get a job, learn how to truly communicate in English.

Each of those hard-ass days further sculpted me into being a Mistress.

Then being told that my first job – here in the city once I was back – would pay me the same wage per day that an Aussie making minimum wage makes in an hour – well I told the person hiring me to shove the job up her ass.

More Mistress attitude.

And so on and so on, it’s a fucking mindset – a rebellious one, and one forged from countless books and videos on manipulation, control, and learning how to influence people.


Now, you’re going to tell me that I can train a handful of girls that – in a week or so – and that they’ll pass as Mistresses?

Ya, you’ll play along.  Let one of them tie you up, spank you around, jerk your cock , yada yada yada.  But you’ll get that unfulfilled feeling – the kind you get when you give in to late night hungers and order a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

So this is what I did, just to be an ass and prove my point.

For 10k I agreed to “teach” one massage girl “how to be a Mistress” over the course of one evening by holding both of my sessions in the dungeon as a double mistress session.

Only … I told both slaves to be bad ones.  In essence , I told them to do things that they knew would get their balls kicked clean off their body if they ever tried that shit with me in a session.

Things like leaning forward to kiss the girl’s pussy area or reaching up to squeeze her boobs, rubbing her ass, telling them what they wanted, stuff like that.

And … I told the guys to both bring 1000 extra and at the end of the session (because that’s when the happy ending pre-conditioned program would kick in) to ask the Mistress-In-Training for sex or a blowjob instead of a hand job.


You guessed it, both guys got laid.  I watched as they tied the “Mistress” up to the wooden X and had at her pussy back to back, one at 9pm and the other at 11pm.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks – that saying applies here.

Again, let’s not rehash old material too much, but if a girl has lived all her life on the bottom run of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs then she is trained in one thing and one thing only … survival.

Which means doing whatever she has to do for money.


I told the massage shop owner “Mission Accomplished” your “Mistress” fucked both slaves and they now think she’s the best whore Mistress in the city.

All for 1k .  Pffft.

Ok 2k – but at the time she thought it was 1k , she didn’t know I had told the 2nd guy to offer her the same amount.


Anyways, you see my point?

To have a genuine session, you need a genuine Mistress, one who followed life’s clues as to what her true calling was.  Me.  Wael.

Put it this way.  You can take this bit of advice to the bank.  If the girl you are paying for your session has to relinquish a portion of the money to someone else – she’s not a genuine Mistress, she’s been trained to act like one.


Ok I’ve rambled on long enough.  Email me and Mistress Wael for a session.  Let’s see how old school email works in building a rapport between you and I.

If for whatever reason I feel people prefer forms (why?) , I’ll pay someone to set up a mail server on jaa4u so the Ninja form service would actually work.


Mistress Jaa


Book A Session

Looking to book a session?   Send one of us an email and in it be very descriptive about what you would like for a session, where you’re from, what your name is, and when you would like to meet.

Mistress Wael is available from 1pm until 10pm every day, while I am available at either 7pm or 10pm Monday – Thursday and 4pm on Friday’s.

1 hour sessions are 5k baht while 2 hours are 7k.

Human Toilet Training with Mistress Wael is 15k and with me it’s 20k.

With Mistress Wael sessions are outcalls at your hotel, house or condo and with me they are held here at my condo.

Mistress Jaa[email protected]

Mistress Wael : [email protected]





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