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A girl marooned on an island does not feel sorry for the fish she killed because she needs to survive.  Even if she feel sorry for those fish she have to survive.

Thailand is about survival if you live here.  You are all trying to get in.  We are trying to get out.  Well, those who know about world wages are 555

I have a university degree in Business and English major and minor.  But born Thai so I must be stupid right?  …


“when I asked you about the ghost writing it is because she writes in English very well so she must use a translating system

Sent from my Sprint phone”


fom-bw-smileSame as i “must” have to let you fuck me because you make more money than me.

Same as my uncle says  i “must” not leave my 25,000 baht/month job as Concierge in a 5 star hotel because that is “good money”.

Same as oh she has a farang boyfriend so he “must” be sending her money.


I asked my customer this question because he saw me twice and i wanted him to see if he can match what rock i love because it match to my name Pasaya = Rain = me …


so you think you know your mistress na?

one question. think to how you answer.

what jewelry do i dream to have?

not the gold or silver i dont care about that. i have 1 rock i am crazy about all my life and only 1 rock.

you think you can guess what that is?


Simple answer really.  Opal.  I love Opal because it can look like rain.  Sometimes moonstone.  Can – but the photos i like always have a Opal when it is rain.  So what i love to do with stupid answers is have fun with it …


Ahhh… Yes … About your “rock”

I I told you it is a diamond …. because I think you are a “material girl” (i’m Madonna?)
You are born as a poor girl and now you earn a lot of money …
And you see more and more and more and more

In my opinion it is danger to think material
I don’t know you …. but what is the reason to ask me about you favorite “rock”
You want that I bring you jewels? (no, but better question – is a $20 rock a jewel? um?)

I don’t love you !
I respect you – sometimes I need the things what you are offering…

You are offering phantasies for a short time (f-a-n-t-a-s-y – fantasy)
You take money – I pay money … It is a business for both!
It is simple!

No love – no “deeper feelings” – no diamonds (or opals)

I never lie on you … I am to old for that games …
Just telling what I think

I don’t like the question about your wishes …
I had also short therm thai girlfriends …

It always starts with “I have a dream since my childhood about ….”
If it does not work “my mother needs an operation, but need money …” (maybe she wants big boobs i will ask)
I want … I need … I dream…

But – I am not a cash machine !

I also work for my money … It don’t come from the heaven for free … (so not being rich after i die then?)

opal2I pay for the things I need
Sometimes I need a mistress – o.k. I pay for it
I pay for the time … and I had a fantastic time with you
That is the reason why I booke you again and again…
…and why I booked you also in February

But next time I booked also jaa – for “controlling” the session…
I don’t want to be touched too deep again – that hurts – (like a virgin touched for the very first time – Madonna again)

I don’t need a new girlfriend !!!
And for my girlfriends are gifts o.k.

You understand me ….?

I like you … I like your work … But I will never “love” you ….
You are a stranger for me … from another world … The bdsm world …
And it is great to visit you there sometimes

I hope you don’t missunderstand this mail….
But I was shocked that you asked me like “all thai girls

I think all thai girls are material and think
that farang are money machines and stupid… (living in a material worldmaterial)

Sorry for this mail

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I don’t think all thai girls are material.  I am not.


My mistake was i used my “translating system” to actually read all his emails before the session.  Oh and use the “translating system” to answer all his emails.

All 43 emails.

I am very very sure every other mistress in Bangkok answers 43 emails herself.  Just to book 1 session.

You wonder how i “touched too deep” in your heart?  The “translating system” – blame that.

Went shopping today with my mom too.  She is fine.  No operation.  Don’t worry we dont’ have a sick buffalo either lol.


Anyways.  Probably i just asked him the wrong question.  Fucking translating system always gets me in trouble.  555


I might be stupid, but i do whatever makes me not belong to a man.  I want a feeling, i don’t want money.  I’m either too cold for men or too hot, it depends how he treats me.  Don’t assume because i’m Thai you know everything about me.  A lot of the things you think you know are not true.  But by the time you find out about the truth i will have left you already.  Don’t bother asking me why you lost me.  It’ll just get lost in translation if i tell you.