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Today i’m going to teach you three things …

1. How to SMS a Hot Girl so She Will Answer You Back

2. The Most Important Thing About your SMS

3. The 3 Things You Should Never Ever Say in Your SMS


ok na?  boringlately i’ve been hoping my Line App does not have a block limit because i have blocked close to 1000 men from SMS me.  Maybe not 1000 but feels like it.  So let me help you.  Lets start with the first one …


1.  The first rule you have to know if you want to sms me or a girl you like and she is sexy … have something to say.  ‘Hi mistress’.  ‘Hi’.  ‘What’s up.’ ‘um same stuff.’  ‘ok i’m cooking.’  ‘ok.’  — AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH fuck stop.  Because i have 500 sms to read every day and 495 are like that.

You are insecure i get it.  You need to check in because if i don’t sms you the world will end in your life, i get it.  So you just want to say something … anything … to make you feel secure again.  This is how you get yourself blocked by having nothing to say to me and no reason to sms me.

‘Hey … your day is gonna suck when you hear what just happened to me’  now say something like that and i’ll fight you to say my day doesn’t suck … or i will want to know what happened in your day … but probably i will answer you if you make my life interesting.  So ask yourself before you send a girl an sms … ‘Will this sms make her day more interesting or not?’

I do it.  Every sms i send to a man if i think he is interesting i will say something to make him excited or laugh or mad.

2.  Don’t flatter me.  Don’t talk about my boobs or my ass or my vagina.  Don’t talk about how you are going to try to kiss me later.  If you make me think even a little bit that you are thinking about anything sexual i will block you in 1 second later.  Even if you don’t know me as your mistress and you know me personally can you not find something interesting about me to say?  Or is the only thing you cannot wait to send me is the ‘Kiss Me’ sticker every day?  Or the Hug sticker.  If there was a ‘Fuck You Later’ sticker i know every man would send it every day to me.  I’m interesting.  Find what is interesting about me and talk about it.

lose-control3.  Want to be forever in my friend zone?  Ask these 3 questions…

  • Where are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • What’s wrong?

How will it change your day if you know where i am?  Why do you want to know?  Same why do you want to know what i am doing?  If i don’t feel like talking don’t ask me What’s Wrong?  If you ask these 3 questions when we are friends do you think i will ever let you be more than a friend … so you can try to control me and my location even more when you feel even more insecure?

ok na ka?

When you pick up your 20,000 baht phone today please understand 99% of you paid 20k to help you never get pussy.  You won’t get my pussy but if you listen to what i told you today … maybe you too will have a chance to see for yourself how amazing i am one day lol 555