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Nah it’s not that bad (living in a poor country). I live on the American Embassy compound with a pool, gym, bar, tennis court etc.  My co-worker and I are members of the American club which has even better facilities and there are some nice pockets in these places with cool restaurants and stuff.

I think you might enjoy this lifestyle. I know you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning and I know you are interested in people. In a different life or maybe even in this life, if you wanted, I reckon you would make a great anthropologist!

You said you would be miserable living somewhere poor like this but I think you underestimate yourself. Living in these kinds of places are more challenging but they are also more rewarding, in my opinion anyway. I think you would find great inspiration for your writing and you would have more time on your hands to do whatever you wanted than you would anywhere else. Plenty of people are miserable in those cities you listed as well, I guess it just comes down to what you make of where you are?


“It’s not that bad” living in a poor country he says to me ??  As a lifelong impoverished citizen of MagicLand®, i wholeheartedly disagree.  Why?


unemployment femdom cartoon bdsm thailandWell that’s because the person living in said poor country hasn’t lived one single day in poverty , whereas every mistress who has ever written for this site has.  So I asked former mistress Jaa and Wael to join me in writing about our past so that you guys may better understand our roots and what perhaps your MagicLand® girlfriend has most likely been through herself.  However before I paste their stories down below let me give you some basic information on just how bad things are in MagicLand® .

See when I said that your MagicLand® girlfriend has ‘most likely’ been through the hell of poverty , well that’s because the unemployment and poverty numbers you read online about where I live are glossed over to make things seem rosier than they are.   Those in control of presenting MagicLand’s statistics like to boast that we have among the lowest unemployment rate in the world at .6% which is total horse shit.

45% of all jobs are seasonal.  There are two times per year where we harvest crops and in those six weeks there are jobs a plenty.  The rest of the year half the country is unemployed.

Ya, Half

Like fuck.  You show me another country in the world where half the country is unemployed for 88% of the year and I’ll show you a country that’s more fucked up than MagicLand.

truckDo you know what a worker tuck is?  Here’s a photo of one.  Do you know why all the workers are packed in like sardines?  Because at current wages ,  most workers cannot afford their own transportation to and from work.  If they were forced to find their own way there and back they’d have to cut out a good portion of their allowance for food.   These trucks leave at 6am and return at 8pm , 6 days a week.  That’s a 72 hour work week which brings home just enough money to buy a bag of rice and live in a shanty.

So in review.  Half the country is unemployed for 88% of the year.  Half the country makes $10 a day.

That’s nowadays.  But lets rewind the clock a monstrous amount of time … like oh say 10 years.  Well ten years ago when I was still a teenager the minimum wage was $4 a day , not enough money to eat.  Wages have been kept that low from the beginning of time until a decade ago, meaning that pretty much every single person’s mother and father grew up in extreme poverty.

When I’m farrrrrrrrrr away from here with no need to ever return, I’ll then have the gift of free speech and will explain to you in great detail why this has been the way of things , but for now let’s focus on the what and not the why.

School here ain’t free.   Put that in the back of your memory, I’ll come back to it in a minute.

In the 50’s and 60’s the average number of kids a woman of my kind pumped out was 6 in her lifetime.  That number dropped to 5 in the 70’s and 4 in the 80’s.   As recently as 2010 women were spewing out 2 kids per lifetime and that’s now about to drop to less than once.


Well because people don’t remain stupid forever.  One can try to prolong stupidity but change is happening slowly but surely.

So getting back to school and the fact that half the population of MagicLand® had to find a way to give 6 kids an education with not enough money to go around for food.  Quite the problem huh?

I assume that in the USA, Australia , Switzerland , England you send your kids to school for free right … once they turn 4 years old?  And at that school things like paper , pens, pencils , books are provided?

In MagicLand® you have to pay for the pencil.

In MagicLand® you have to pay for the paper.

In MagicLand®  you have to pay for the uniform.

pizzaIf one didn’t have enough money for a uniform well … one simply couldn’t go to school until that person applied for assistance.  But that was a moot point because as you’ll read below in Jaa’s story – male kids were always given priority over females in terms of who won the fight over the tiny bit of money available to send a child to school.  That’s because MagicLand® is a patriarchal society and back then males had a better chance at making money than women did.

That’s not to say women didn’t have a very lucrative role to serve for the family.  Even as most women were taken out of school before grade 6 and had to learn the ways of a domesticated life , they still carried something that was worth their weight in gold.  Care to guess what that is?  Yes I used ‘ is ‘- in present terms rather than ‘was’ in past tense because “it” still goes on today.  If you want to shoot the shit in email I’ll help you fill in between the lines but I sure as hell ain’t saying out loud what truly goes on in inner city MagicLand.

Let’s just say that Podesta , the Lolita Express , Pizzagate … fucking nothing compared to what goes down in MagicLand.  (The first moron who emails me asking “where is this magicland anyways?” gets his balls wrecked 100 times by my foot.  There’s always one dense idiot out there.)

But today I’m discrediting the claim that ‘it’s not that bad living in a poor country’ so let’s continue debunking that shall we.



My Story

I can’t be too open with my story here because for one – I’m writing about it for my book so I don’t want to give away too much – and secondly there are a couple of pretty disgusting people out there who feel they are excluded from the laws of libel and slander just because they live in a foreign country.  A day will come – hopefully – where I get to blow his fucking dog’s head off with a shotgun , but until then I must keep who I am somewhat of a mystery in my blog.

That being said , I know what poverty is.  It’s a horrible situation to endure mostly because there seems to be no way out.  I’ve seen shit with my own eyes that , well , you just can’t comprehend how off the charts bad it was when talking about how poor people in the village get exploited.

neverI learned early though to follow the saying in this photo to the letter of the law.  I focused on finding a way out and I became a rebellious cunt because of my determination.  Let me tell you that every beating I took at school , every evening I went without food , every argument I had with people about being so un-****-like was worth it now that I look back at it.

I don’t give a fuck that I don’t have a single girlfriend here.  I don’t care a single iota that I spend all my days alone.  Because I care about two things and two things only in this world.

One is my allegiance to my mother.  The other is finding someone who believes in me so that I can turn all my life experiences into love.

I care not to dwell on the past because I cannot change it.  The only thing I can control is the present and to have goals for the future.



Wael’s Story

bambooตอนที่ฉันเป็นเด็ก ฉันอาศัยอยู่กับน้องสาวและครอบครัว ที่*******เรามีฐานะยากจน ทุกวันๆเราต้องไปขุดหาหน่อไม้ ในป่า ทุกวันต้องหาหน่อไม้วันละ 3 ชั่วโมง บางที่ทั้งวัน ขุดหน่อไม้ 3 ชั่วโมง ได้หน่อไม้ 1 กิโลถึง 2 กิโล หลังจากนั้นนำไปขายที่ตลาด 1 กิโลได้แค่ 5 บาท เป็นจำนวนเงินไม่มากนัก ต้องนำเงินนั้นมาซื้ออาหารและไปโรงเรียน ฉันทำงานตั้งแต่อายุ 10 ขวบ และน้องสาวของฉันเป็นคนพิการ ไม่เหมือนคนอื่น ฉันต้องดูแลเขา และครอบครัว ฉันต้องทำงานหนักทุกวัน จนถึงทุกวันนี้ ฉันต้องดูแลครอบครัว พ่อ แม่ ลูก และน้องสาวของฉัน ถ้าฉันไม่ดูแลเขาพวกเขา พวกเขาจะไม่มีเงินและอดตาย เพราะทุกคนไม่มีงานทำ และแม่ของฉันต้องดูแลลูกสาวของฉัน ฉันไม่เคยได้เห็นหน้าลูกของฉัน เพราะฉันต้องทำงานอยู่ที่****** เกือบทั้งหมด เงินที่ได้มา ฉันต้องดูแลครอบครัวทั้งหมด เกือบทั้งหมด เป็นชีวิตของคนไทย ที่ต้องทำงานหนัก และเพื่อดูแลครอบครั

So basically she’s saying that she grew up somewhere up north living with her sister at her mom and dad’s place.  Her house is the small square one with the thatched roof and laundry in the middle if you’re looking at the photo down below.  To make money the whole family went out in the fields looking for bamboo plants to bring back and sell at the market.  Each person would try to collect approximately 1kg of bamboo which could then be sold at the market for 5 baht.  It’d take about 3 hours to scavenge and transport back to the house a kilo of bamboo.  On the weekends they’d each spend half a day out looking for greater quantities to sell.

Even though Wael’s sister was born with down syndrome , she was required to pull her share of the burden because there are no benefits for those born with disabilities here.  But Wael would try to carry as much as the burden as she could so her sister could rest.  The family as a whole would get by on 200 baht per day which is about equivalent to what me and my mom got by on.  Works out to about $6 a day which is inline with what salaries would have been like back then.

shantyGotta keep in mind that like my family , her family lived on the outskirts of town.  In her case, a good 30km outside of the city so there were no factory jobs where she lived.  Anyways, she goes on to say that even today the onus of responsibility is upon her to take care of her mom , her dad, her disabled sister and her daughter.  Though Wael has two daughters she saw them only once per year up until a while ago.  She left them in her mother’s care after she finished university and moved to the big city to work as a chef.   Then I found her, rescued her by showing her alternate possibilities in life.

She finishes by saying that she still sends money to her family every month.  Then she says the same thing I told you … that pretty much all of us are bound by this responsibility of taking care of family because if they didn’t , the entire family tree would plunge back into poverty and starvation.


The Pig and the Python

pig python book femdom There are no RRSP’s here.  No 401K’s .  No dividend paying mutual funds.  There’s plenty of lottery tickets though … they make sure any scrap of unspent money gets recirculated back into their pockets.  Average lifetime saving of a 60 year old retiree here is 0 bucks no whammys.

Ah but change is coming as the pig is about to explode out the ass end of the python.  See all those 6-8 child families born in the 50’s and 60’s that I talked about … well they’re all reaching 60-70 years old now.

And remember that birth rate I talked about , you know , that statistic that shows the average chick like me is having 0 babies now.  Means when the 30% of the senior citizen population dies off this decade there’ll be nobody to replace those jobs going forward.

The book The Pig and the Python is about how to invest wisely to take advantage of the post WWII baby boom.   Since the same population demographics are even more dramatic in MagicLand, we can also take advantage of the pig blowing out the ass end of the python.  If you agree with me that girls my age are done with being poor here , and showing it by keeping our legs shut … well then I’d start short selling the stock market short  right about now.  Of course there’s always the chance those free magic pills they handed out on Valentine’s day will work dramatically.

MagicLand.  Magic Pills.   …   Riiiiiiiiight.



So if it’s “not that bad” living in a poor country , why are girls keeping their legs shut ?

It its not that bad , why can I not wait to live 9,000 km away from here.

If it’s not that bad , why do I continue to dream of a place where dreams really do come true?  For on this side of the rainbow, they don’t.



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