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I heard a song once …

About a man rich and handsome

Who found his way into the heart of a very prominent mistress…

Said he loved me, sadly he had eyes for other girls too.


When poorer Mistress’s and men with looks and money court one another, awkward situations can arise.

Sometimes, I’ve heard, even the mistress will succumb to the playboy to maintain certain affections.

And when succumbing oneself for affection becomes common knowledge, well …

that is an awkward situation indeed, especially with a prominent mistress.

But prominent mistresses mistresses often forget a simple truth, I’ve found.


And which truth is that?


Money is power.


Seize him.  Cut his throat.  Stop.  Wait …

I’ve changed my mind, let him go.

Block all contact.  Ignore forever.  Wait for him to beg … from his knees.

Power … is power. ..lol

Do see if you can take some time away from your money and your whores to find your next girlfriend.


Him, the man who is very proud of his looks and money and never begs any girl, on his knees begging me.

jaa4u.com is mental bdsm.  True, i have a lot of men actually kneel in front of me and beg me from their knees … happen every day …


on-my-kneesOn Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 1:34 PM, Mson <m…[email protected]> wrote:
“If I ask you on my knees can you let me Come one more time today i dont now but all The Times i thinking about you i get hard kisses on you ass” 

Skickat från min Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

“I loved being on my knees and worshiping your ass and body and crotch”

“and I kneed in front of the bed and looked at your wounderful body with a panty from you over my nose…”

on Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 4:52 PM, jaqe…. <jaqe…[email protected]> wrote:
“can you please send mee the photo me on my knees and nose in your ass m.Pasaya took about me, merci”


But why play with your body when i can play with your mind.  Better.  More fun na.

Jaa she has 3 day session now 24 hour every day.  How she can do that session long like that?  Because it is not a session, she got inside his mind slowly from every session before.  Finally he cannot get her out of his brain and will do anything for her.  She will respect that too.  A man who will do anything for me – i would respect that too.

bdsm mistress fonUnfortunately i only have men who will die for me – after i leave them.

You don’t have to die for me.  I’m not so important a person you have to do that for me.  Just understand what i want.  I’m not a diamond, i’m only an opal 555.  But that is still precious no?  What do you do with something precious when you have it?  Well, i think you should realize you have something precious in the first place.  And then take care of it.

Like i said before you have a responsibility for your girl.  Faithful responsibility.  Manly responsibility.  Security responsibility.

Not so hard.

Faithful means?  Realize your opal is better than any diamond you see.  If you show me you realize that, i will let you hold a diamond once in a while.  As long as you never forget your opal is more precious.

Manly means?  Be manly enough to let me go and be free.  I will come back to you, but you have to have faith in me to do that. The stronger you tighten your grip the faster i will fall through your fingers.

Security means?  Take care of me.  You make 800 baht an hour.  I make 800 baht a day.  Don’t be kii neow (cheap) : Money doesn’t make happiness, it buys it already made. – http://coolfunnyquotes.com


offendOh ok, you don’t want to help support?  – Look – this guy said to my friend – it offends him to even talk about money.  That is up to him.  There is a lot of free pussy here.

Ah but you want someone exotic?

Then help support.

Because if you don’t want to …

I guarantee somebody else will, because i am very lucky to have beauty, and that puts me in a sellers market not a buyers market.  555 (forgot my degree is in business lor?)

For an opal small as i am – i’m pretty expensive lol.

So after all that sms fighting i started my session today a little bit pissed off.  Andy was my first session and it was good but i still had a mood.

Second session he warned me already in his email he wasn’t going to be submissive probably.  Fuck.


by the way I’m not so really submissive, all my mistress always tell me that I’m not a real slave, because I always want to tell the mistress what to do….

hahaha…..take care and have a great day, keep in touch .  I’m enjoying talking to you



So 4pm he comes meet me for the session.  Not only is he not submissive – also he is The Hulk.  6 foot and 130kg.  Um 129 kg muscle 1kg fat.  I am small.  But standing beside him i am tiny.  He has a look in his eye that no way i can dominate him.  He also has another look he try to hide – he wants me.  And that’s all i need.  A man’s desire is my weapon.  Ok well desire and a little bit of rope.  Or in his case – a lot of rope.  Seriously it was like trying to tie down King Kong.

fon4-400He wanted ‘an exotic mistress’.  Actually in his email he said the word ‘exotic’ 4 times.  He likes exotic things.  He thinks Thailand is exotic.  He likes exotic women.  Lucky day for him.  I am Thai, i am a woman, i am a mistress, and i can be exotic.

When i went into the bathroom to change i could not not shoot pool with his penis rope if we were at a bar.

When i came out of the bathroom and he saw me – i would have the biggest pool cue if we were in the bar.

But we were not in a bar.  King Kong mutant Hulk was tied to my bed.

Funny how just talking to a man while dressed like that – and brushing his leg at the same time can change the power in the room.  He liked to look at his penis a lot with his eye.  Like he is trying to tell me where to touch next with his eyes.  Not so fast like that.  I have to find his fantasy button by talking to him.  Took 20 minutes but found it.  Him – he talked about his wife by himself and when he talked about her second time in 10 minutes i touched his balls with my hand.

So he talks about her again and i touch his balls more.  He loves not to cheat on her – he loves the idea he is doing something dangerous and she never know because he can hide it.  But not hide it from me he wants to tell me and he knows when he talks about her i will make him happy so he talks about her more and more.

When he is about to cum i stop and tell him to call his wife and say to her he is here and what i do with his cock now.

“no cannot” he get so serious just like that.  his eyes so mean like he don’t trust me again.  his voice more mean like how i can say that to him?

“that’s how i make your cock small when you want to cum” and i laugh at how small he got so fast 555

That moment … he looked at me and all the power went from the king kong hulk to tiny me.

The rest of the session he just fell more and more in to my world and 10 mins before the 2 hour is finished he dont cum yet and is begging me.  He wants me to take off my top and i say if you think i will do that you have to do that from your knees.  Take time 5 min to take off the rope and now only 5 min left in the session.

“you have a choice.  take care of yourself to cum and i will take off my top.  Or no top off and i maybe will let you cum in 5 minutes.  Maybe.”

He start to finish himself with his hand.

“look beside you” i make him look at the wall beside the bed.  It was after 6pm and the sun so bright in the condo it hit me first and then him and then the wall.  He looks at my shadow on the wall.  My shadow is so big over top of him on his knees.

I take off my top same time he is cumming over his hand and i say to him – “a small mistress can cast a very large shadow”



Power …. is power.



Pasaya  xx


Did you know Jaa had 10,000 reasons to write Lost in Translation yesterday?  Don’t Care?  ok go vote for my sexy ass photo na ka.







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I am nfom-bw-smileot j ust a Bangkok Mistress and Domina / Dominatrix , i am the most sexy Domina in Thailand and for sure with Mistress Jaa we are the smartest.  A Bangkok Mistress these days is about the colors red and black and fake photos pretending to enjoy bdsm in an expensive dungeon.  I enjoy bdsm because i play with my clients using my brain, my imagination and my understanding of how men think.  The bdsm toys are just a tool really, a real dominatrix doesn’t need to use tools if she doesn’t want to, and that’s where i am coming from — i am a real Dominatrix — Jaa and I are Bangkok’s only true domina ‘s in my opinion.  I’m really into Tease & Denial since it makes men beg but i’m also into a different kind of begging — the kind a man makes when i’ve stolen his heart, his soul, and his mind — and then then throw him to the water for the mistakes he has made to lose me.  I guess i am a teacher for men as well then, i teach men what it takes to keep a girl like me.