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What if, in your Tease & Denial session, we took the onus of controlling your ejaculation out of my hands and put it instead into yours?  Mistress Wael’s Tease & Denial game “20” is going to train you to have such lasting power that the next time you bang your wife or girlfriend she’s gonna feel hotter than a freshly fucked fox in a forest.

I’ve adopted the game into some of my Tease & Denial sessions, but credit has to go to her for not just playing the game but perfecting it to the point where guys routinely scream or cry and ladders are needed to get the cum off the ceiling.  Now the screaming, that comes from the orgasm part but the crying … ah that comes from you recognizing the futility of the mathematical equation that is working against you which is :

The Chance of You Reaching 20 is inversely proportional to the length of time your Tease & Denial session has lasted.

Tease & Denial Cry BoxThus the crying, or what I call the cry box, that point where you not only realize the futility of the game as you come to terms with the fact that your chance to reach orgasm has long since passed by, but also caused by the realization that you most likely will be leaving the session with a massive set of blue balls.  Your chance to reach orgasm, which you are allowed to do if and only if you can last until either me or Wael has counted to 20 is at its highest when we begin.  Each edging, which you are responsible for calling if you think you will ejaculate before we’ve reached “20” dramatically reduces the amount of time you will last on the subsequent count.  So if you managed to almost make it but had to call out STOP at 18, it is quite likely that the next time we begin you will reach ejaculation at 15 and will have to call out STOP much sooner than the previous attempt.

With each attempt thereafter falling further and further away from 20 you’ll find that you’ll be calling upon some sort of superhuman effort from within to push the Tease & Denial needle back the other way.  Those superhuman efforts start at around the 45 minute mark in the Tease & Denial session, give or take a few mins on either side.

They begin escalating as well and might well work if not for our second enforced rule of the game and that is :  you are not allowed to move, wince, blink, twitch or make a sound during the count.  You need to focus stone faced upon my eyes or Mistress Wael’s eyes without movement which goes a long way at keeping the Hulk locked up inside you … for the time being.

The frustration mounts though.  In this video I’ve cut together some of the attempts from the 45 minute mark to the 1 hour and 15 minute mark in Mistress Wael’s Tease & Denial 20 session.


tease and denial video , wael


Most “opt out” somewhere around the 1 hour and 15 minute mark, begging, pleading through tears for a release and an end to the game.  This is why the stat on the Tease & Denial tab of this website’s home page states that only 30% of all men are capable of lasting the entire 2 hours or reaching 20, whichever comes first.  For arguments sake, lets say you do survive and manage to count to 20 in that 2nd hour of your session giving you the waterfall release you so desperately were hoping for.  What then?

Then in your next Tease & Denial session your goal will be to count to “30”.

After that?  I dunno, we’ve never had somebody make it to 30 yet, those are uncharted Tease & Denial waters.

Jaa xx