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wash 'n blow

“I might want to suck a cock, I don’t know.”

“I’m curious about it, but not in the sense that I want to be with a guy, I’d just like to know you know?”

“not for me but if you made me I guess I’d have to”

“can we maybe involve a ladyboy and if we could could she use me even if I didn’t want to because I think it would disgust me at first.”


Could you guys be any more on the fence about sucking dick?  I’m going to tell you how I solved the problem of the wishy washy guy who didn’t quite know if getting past second base with a ladyboy was really his thing or not.  I actually had intentions to seek out a ladyboy with the guy the way I normally do , by going to the second floor ladyboy club that I like at Nana Plaza and sitting for an hour to pick out one that suits him.  But this guy was going back and forth in emails all last week whether he wanted to even be seen in a ladyboy bar or not and no sooner had he confirmed he’d go he’d then send me an email saying “no, better not” and it went on like this for days.

ladyboy fantasyI got fed up with his bullshit and just told him that “I have an idea that’s much easier that’ll work well for you” and didn’t offer any further details, I’d just rebuff his requests for details by saying confidently that I knew exactly what he wanted and this place would suit his much more passive demeanor.

See, now I’m going back and forth again whether to write this as I don’t want to come across as a real bitch.  About me, I like confidant submissive men, which is like trying to find a non-slutty gay guy, I have to look rather hard.  So when somebody starts losing his spine right in front of my eyes, email by email, it rubs me the wrong way.  I just figured, if he’s not gonna be decisive, then I’ll be decisive for him.

So on Sukhumvit Rd at Nana there’s this salon run completely by ladyboy’s and as the original Jaa taught me a few years ago … a good hair cut isn’t the only thing that can be bought in that place.  I took the 4,000 he had budgeted for the ladyboy part of the session and paying beforehand with my own money I went in and tipped four of them 1,000 baht each.  I simply said …

“I’m going to bring in this guy tonight at exactly 10pm right when you close, make sure you give him the full service” and having worked primarily with Jaa before me numerous times they knew exactly what that meant.

I set it up so easily for him too.  We went walking and I told him I have a ladyboy destination in mind that definitely wasn’t a bar or go-go of any sort and that he’d be the only person there so he had no shyness issues to deal with.

Well fuck, I told him the truth didn’t I?  You can’t say I lied, technically.

He even tried to weasel his way out of this too saying when I tried to lead him into the shop “I don’t need a haircut” so I told him it’s only a wash and blow style.”  lol , wash’n’blow was about to have a whole new meaning in the hair cutting world.

6681299I didn’t participate at all.  I let one of them lead him to the back to the sink area which was behind the curtain and out of sight, while the other locked the door and tiptoed to the back to join in with the other three.

There was a bit of a ruckus, a hint of resistance by the sound of it and then a good 30 minutes of violent exhales through the nose.  All the while I sat at the front of the shop reading my Facebook bouncing from feeling horribly guilty to having to control my laughter each time it was obvious one was entering his ass for the first time.

That’s the ‘session’.  I didn’t do a thing.  Nor did I need to.  I went back after 45 minutes to see if he had enough and also because I was curious to what they were doing and how they were doing it.  Let’s just say that having the head tilted way back into the sink for a hair wash is about as bad as when I hang the guys head over the end of my bed when I go drilling for oil balls deep on my dildo.

He paid one of the ladyboy’s directly in the back and as he walked by me he looked at me and mouthed “oh my god thank you” as he walked out and disappeared into the night never to be heard from since, and that was 5 days ago now.

They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 2 weeks.

I’m thinking it takes significantly longer to recover from a wash’n’blow session haha.


jaa xx