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Heyyyy, ya I’m still here.  I just decided to focus all my energy on writing many shorter stories every day on my Loyalfans for 2 months.  I had to see how doing something like that would affect the balance between session volume vs subscriber #’s.  An internal case study, let’s call it that.

It was a wash to be frank.

Places like my Loyalfans and the god awful Onlyfans that Wael is still on and at war with always has a revolving front and back door where 2 leave and 2 new decide to join in their place.  It’s like running on a treadmill and it’s oblivious to how much work and daily energy I put into it.

At least I know now.

Sessions, what can I say … I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now and the number of repeat visits I get from all my tenured slaves makes it so this business runs itself.

Also, keep in mind that I now take all weekends off, so that cuts my availability to 2 sessions a night from Monday to Thursday only, and then one Friday time slot from 4-6pm before I hop on the bus to go home and fuss with my garden again.


chew panties


However, I think I’m done testing shit out.  I needed to know where to focus my energy in 2023 and this will be where I’ll be posting most every day going forward.

I much prefer writing out longer stories that don’t have a word count max / post hindering me.  Also, fuck censorship.  I have a platform where I can do something not many can comfortably do in this age of being cancelled … I can say whatever the fuck I want to say with impunity.

Watch this:

“In school I used to line up the 13 year old kids two grades younger than me behind the school against the fence.  I’d tell them to drop their pants as I walked by with a twitch and spanked the living shit out of them.  Upon ordering them to spread their legs I would walk behind them, tell each to close his eyes as my foot introduced their young lives to crippling cbt as I’d bury the pointy toe of my school shoes either up their asshole or it’d shatter their tiny balls.  Little shits were so scared by the time I got to the 2nd kid they’d piss their pants.”

See?  That would get me banned instantly on Onlyfans if I typed that.  Can you count how many censored words I just freely used?  A = 7




Anyways, that’s not what I want to talk about in this post.

From the start of 2022 I’ve basically stopped posting here on jaa4u any ‘ho-hum’ Tease & Denial story as I do them every single day.  Instead, I would wait for the most dramatic sessions and I’d keep those stories for here while typing out my day to day thoughts on Loyalfans.

Which was all well and good while covid was still hovering around like a ghost and business was just experiencing its first uptick since the 2 year lockdown status.

I’m no longer going to be writing about the sensational sessions here as I now need to disuade you all from contemplating having me arrange one for you.  Like The Ladyboy Gauntlet, let’s use  that as an example to illustrate why such sessions are a thing of the past now.


You see, back in January of 2022 I was the only one doing constant sessions.  One of the ways I was able to do that was to arrange these fantastic fantasy sessions for my submissives with the most elaborate imaginations.

One such fantasy is to have a large group of either girls or ladyboys use them mercilessly and in the most humiliating way possible.  Gangbangs.  Conga line spit roast sessions.  13 ladyboy bukake events.  Stuff like that.

The reason I was able to pull such grand events off was because nobody had any way of making money back then.

So if I offered a 2 hour ass fucking session with 5 ladyboys, each and every ladyboy I would call would instantly say yes and agree to all conditions of the session.

Ya, it was an expensive session for any slave asking me to put his fantasy together, but I would do so knowing I could absolutely deliver the exact fantasy the slave had been dreaming about his whole life.




That is no longer the case.

With tourists dripping onto the streets like bees scurrying out of a fallen beehive, the law of supply and demand has swung the polar opposite way to the extreme of having way too many tourists asking for the services of just a few ladyboys.

And I can throw working girls into that equation too, though not quite the imbalance – it is still skewed far enough to oversupply that reserving any of these workers for my 2 hour sessions is an impossibility now.

Anyone you bring home with you, or that I try to work with has one collective mantra which is “Fuck & Go” and to hell with customer service.  It’s just “how fast can I milk the cum out of this guy so I can get back to the bar and pick up the next guy.”

It’s awful.

Last gauntlet session I arranged, they all left only 20 minutes into our session.  Then it happened again, and again and yet again.

You guys, who have sought company other than me have emailed me back saying time and time again how disappointed you were with the girl’s company.

And I’m like “Ya, welcome to the Fuck & Go era of Bangkok.”



That’s too bad man.  I had so much fun writing about those wild sessions.  But it is time to focus on the sexy seduction way that I do Tease & Denial and all the other one on one fetishes I do that drive men crazy.

Hell, I used to write about such sessions for 8 straight years, until covid hit.  Then I branched into online, and then into those wild sessions and now I’ve come full circle back to what I’ve always done since day one.

Only, there’s a twist.

As good as I am at seducing men, I’ve found a new interest that excites me.  Have to confess something to you guys, I’m kind of addicted at using men as my personal toilet.  Lately I’ve been doing more and more of such sessions.

And look, I’m not stepping on Mistress Wael’s toes by saying that, because we each have our own very distinct ways that we handle such sessions.

I’ll write about it in detail just before Mistress Wael starts to post her 10 part series on Human Toilet Slavery this week so you are all clear on how our sessions differ when it comes to HTT – human toilet training.

I’m just telling ya – it’s fun for me.

My 20k price tag scares away the pretenders too so my life is not centered around eating enough food to be able to shit on demand every 24 hours, kind of like what Mistress Wael is going through now.  The girl breaks a 3-hour sweat at the gym every day just to maintain her weight.


toilet-slave jua4u.com


Anyways, I’m getting off topic which always happens when I sit and write from the top of my head.

Fuck & Go man, it’s the new city motto in the post-covid era.

Which leaves you guys exactly two options, 0ne being to surround yourself with ideally two or more sycophants of whatever gender you prefer and dangle the money carrot in front of their noses all the while letting each know the existence of the other.

So long as you don’t care to reside here which would bring jealousy into play I think that would be your best option.

The other is to play the Tinder game which is fine so long as you know that you are one of many.  Or worse, you run into someone like me who’s playing you.


Else, you submit to the fact that your partner for the night is indeed the shortest of short time rentals and slowly develop a festering hate for how much money ‘short time’ is costing you compared to the pre-covid years.

As a Mistress, my option is to rid myself of them and focus on the one to one seductive connections that I’ve long since perfected.

Mistress Wael has a unique approach on the matter and I know she’s in the process of making a post regarding how she’s flipping the Fuck & Go “less for more” mantra on its head.  So I’ll let her devote a post to her superior customer service model.

She’s a shrewd business woman, I think you’ll find her thoughts on the matter refreshing.




That’s all I wanted to say for now.

Umm, as an update – so that we’re clear on how I’m approaching sessions in 2023, I am continuing to limit my sessions to the 7pm and 10pm time slots Monday thru Thursday and then a singular 4pm-6pm availability on Friday afternoon.

Weekends I am always off and never in the city.  I have found that this is the key to doing this job long-term.

The sessions I continue to cherry-pick will be those who are keenly interested in Tease & Denial and being mind-fucked or seduced in the process.  Those are the sessions I enjoy the most.

A close second though is using slaves roughly and rudely as my toilet in the most humiliating way possible.   It’s expensive, 20k, but that keeps the pretenders well at arms length.  Quality of slaves over quantity, it’s been my recent focus and is serving me well.

Also, Wael and I are being ultra-choosy when it comes to the Mistress as a Girlfriend 24/7 session, saying no about 90% of the time of late.

Those sessions are meant to be intimate and intense – and thus can only be done with well tenured slaves who’s personality is wholly agreeable to whichever Mistress he is serving.

It’s meant to be a deep dive into the mind-fuckery that comes from a Mistress / Slave relationship and that just simply cannot be done if the person serving us is annoying as fuck.

Or in short, “ain’t worth the 20k, period.”




What else?  Fuck it’s strange to be updating my jaa4u readers like this as for the decade before covid I didn’t have any other platform to express my thoughts.  This blog was IT.

All these day to day thoughts get posted 3-10 times per day now on my Loyalfans blog.  I’m quite well aware that you sir – are probably a first time reader and not one of the guys who follows me throughout the day on Loyalfans.

So I’m trying to think what key things you need to know to get you up to speed on who I am and what I’ve been doing of late.

I guess the last thing I want to draw your attention to is the ratio of session requests to the actual submissive guys we end up booking and seeing.

For me that imbalance is about 3:1 , in that for every 3 session requests I get, I’ll commit to just one.

Part of that is due to me strictly seeing submissive guys who come from anywhere else but Asia, with the exception of some exceptional Singaporeans who’s company and servitude I very much enjoy.

There’s a few in Hong Kong as well, but the rest that I see are strictly North American, European or Australian / New Zealanders.

Immediately tossed are the “Hi Mistress, I want a session” types of emails.  May I remind you that a) I am in high demand and b) you are competing against 3 other people usually – so it would behoove you to take the time to properly introduce yourself at length.

After all, your competitors certainly are doing so.


That ratio is of session requests to bookings is much higher for Mistress Wael, in the neighborhood of 6 or possibly 7:1 !!!

The two reasons behind that though is that she is the de facto go to Human Toilet Training Mistress, umm, not just in Asia but world wide now.

As such, the majority of her session requests come from slaves wishing to be trained in that realm.

There’s a finite limit on the number of times a Mistress can shit in a slave’s mouth per week.  Two at the most, usually and thus the queue of slaves waiting to be trained by her.

Secondly, as briefly alluded to above, she puts in time and effort that is far and above what any other Mistress in Asia puts in to each and every one of her slaves.

Given that said slaves are very well aware of the Fuck & Go mentality of giving less and less of one’s time … Mistress Wael’s opposite approach of dedicating as much time as she can to each and every slave has made her get more repeat bookings than anyone else.

So combine her massive popularity with HTT sessions with session requests coming in daily from people dropping by the city again and ya, you get that dramatic 7:1 ratio.

And god bless her for trying to see each and every one of her slaves.  I used to do that, and like I said – I had to abandon that approach for working only 4.5 days/week or my true personality would have dissolved into my Mistress personality.


Ok, I’ve talked your ear off enough.  If you want daily updates on my sessions, what I’m doing, what things I’m thinking and writing about then give me a follow or subscribe on my Loyalfans as that’s where I am each and every day before I do my evening sessions.

I much prefer you email us if looking for a session, but if you prefer using the form then please be just as expressive as you’d be if sending me an email.  Forms seem to constrain people’s thoughts for whatever reason.  Take care, see you soon 🙂


Mistress Jaa



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If you decide to fill out the form, double check that you’ve typed in your email address properly cuz guess what?  If you fuck that up, I can’t get back to you, end of story.  It’s shocking how many guys can’t spell their own email address.

Mistress Wael is available from 1pm until 10pm every day, while I am available at either 7pm or 10pm Monday – Thursday and 4pm on Friday’s.

1 hour sessions are 5k baht while 2 hours are 7k.

Human Toilet Training with Mistress Wael is 15k and with me it’s 20k.

With Mistress Wael sessions are outcalls at your hotel, house or condo and with me they are held here at my condo.

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