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The client today preferred to see a Mistress who could use her brain rather than her body.  He asked if i could do it and i said “yes, let’s do it and see”.

Actually, he was a dominant kind of guy, not a submissive kind of guy at all. When i teased him he got hard and then i blindfolded him saying as I did it …

“i prefer you use your imagination and your feeling and answer my questions because now i’m your boss”

I tried to do Tease & Denial in a sweet way first and my idea was to change my style to a harder way after like slapping his dick if he was bad.

He had said in his email “let’s see if you can make me open my mouth to swallow spit, up to you boss you can do whatever you want to me” so i said …

“ok lets see if you mean it or if you’re lying to me because i really hate liars and i always catch the guy who is lying”

So i began by tying his dick and his balls but at first i could only find one ball so i asked him how many balls do you have, i only see one. He said three.

i said “really? i only found two so far, where’s the other one?”

“you have to find it” he said back to me.

“ok i’ll find it dont worry” and i started by squeezing his balls and dick really hard and he screamed “ow ow it hurts, it hurts”

“why are you screaming already” i said, “i’m just trying to find the other ball”

“you hurt me” he answered

“i didn’t hurt you baby i’m just doing my job trying to find your third ball”

jaaBut i didn’t find it so i slapped his dick and said “see you lied to me” hitting his dick very hard about four times.

i said “i told you i hate liars, don’t lie to me again”

I grabbed him by his face and told him he is full of nothing but lies and he told me that i’m such a bad girl as i held his face like that.

“bad girl? you said i was such a sweet girl before , see you just lied again” and i slapped him on his face again just for that.

After that i told him to go lie on the bed so he lies down and his dick is still hard the whole time. He looks at his dick and says “my dick hates you”

i said “really? i don’t think so because your reaction is totally different from what you’re saying

to prove it i hit his dick hard again and it got even harder

“see” i said, “your dick doesn’t hate me, you’re thinking with the top brain, the one in your head, but the other brain loves me really”

Because every time i would hit his dick it would get harder than before so here again is another lie from his mouth.

“this is the third time already i caught a lie coming from your mouth” i told him

i squeezed his nipples very very hard until he couldn’t take it any more and i said “say sorry to me”

“no why do i have to say sorry” he answered me back

he had to say sorry because if not i just hit his dick harder and harder and when finally he said it i stopped and was very nice to him suddenly

“good boy, good boy” i said to him softly

“have i proven to you that i’m a good boss yet”

“yes” he said

“ok prove it. open your mouth for me”

he didn’t open. i slapped his face a few times and told him “you said i was a good boss, so open your mouth”

still he didn’t open

“see if you don’t open your mouth it means i’m not a good boss, i can’t order you to do something for me. which means you lied to me again”

to punish him i squeezed both his nipples and his dick hard at the same time but he just answered back

“why don’t you just beg me to open my mouth then”

“i’m a boss you’re a slave. who does a boss have to beg a slave to open his mouth”

he said “why? you never beg a man”

“yes never”

“well you can try one time with me, come beg me” he said back

i said “oh you are ordering me now right?” and this time i really squeezed his nipples hard because by this time i knew that he was very sensitive about his nipples being hurt

i squeezed until he couldn’t take it any more and said finally “open your fucking mouth” and he did but just opened it and shut it right away like a baby playing a game

fine. i kept squeezing his nipple and his dick listening to him ask me “ow, are you trying to hurt me?”

“no im not hurting you baby”

“yes it’s hurting me”

“im not hurting you i’m just touching you because you want to play games with your mouth and not do what i’m telling you to do”

twisting his nipple and putting my nails into his dick he was at the point where he couldn’t take it anymore, he was in too much pain.

“ok let’s see again if you are going to be a good slave or not, open … your …. mouth” and he opened it, without tricking me by closing it this time. he kept it open.

i dropped my spit down his throat and that was it, done, i won the little game he wanted to play.

“i’m lucky i don’t live in thailand” he said after.

inspiration“why is that”

“because then i’d have to come and see you every week” he laughed

“really?” i said

“yes you’re a dangerous girl” he said. “it’s not because of your body, it’s not because of your size, it’s because of your brain”

“i’m not dangerous, i’m just a dumb girl”

“you know you’re not”

“haha ya i think so but i just have a small body, 3 times smaller than you, how can i be dangerous”

“you know” he said, “Hitler was a German man with a small body too, but he controlled all of Germany’s army.”

“Hitler is not German, he was born in Austria” i answered

“how do you know that”

“don’t know, i just guessed” i laughed

he smiled, “i know you didn’t guess, you’re educated, you have a brain”


“men and woman are different” he says

“men are just dominant” i said back. “they have a bigger size, bigger muscle, in history the man was always the hunter while the woman stayed in the home taking care of the children”

“the woman’s gene has been dormant for a long time, but it shows the powerful side is still coded in women when it comes to anger. men use their voice and power but women can control their emotion better than a man.

men think they are the best of the two species because they have power. they have ultimately the power to rape women if he wants.

but don’t forget, you were born submissive, to your mom.

you were submissive before you were even born.

the real gene inside us says that men are born to be submissive, and it’s women that are born to be dominant. Evolution is just starting to prove that now.


Jaa xx


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