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Leg Lockdown Jiu Jitsu Tease & Denial Femdom

Leg Lockdown.

I wanted to talk about my #1 trick for human toilet training today.   But the only slave who will do the photo and video of my technique is in Phuket so I have to wait.

Ok so.   Let me to talk to you about a Jiu Jitsu move I use in my Tease & Denial sessions.

First let me show you what it is.    And then why I use it.   And finally how I use it.


Leg Lockdown for Tease & Denial

My favourite classes in Jiu Jitsu – the classes they teach a move and I think “yes I  can use that in my sessions!”

Leg Triangles I use for our play wrestling.

Feet on Hips and  Hip Escape I use to stop you from winning the “Lick My Pussy” game.

But the easiest move  I think is the Leg Lockdown.

I use it mostly for Netflix Tease & Denial sessions.  But can do for normal Tease & Denial sessions –  if  the guy likes to move too much.

So what is it?

It is this …

Leg Lockdown Jiu Jitsu Tease & Denial Femdom


Actually my bottom leg is lazy in the photo.

And this is opposite leg lockdown …  mean I flip my leg how I lock  you when I roll my body to lay on your chest.

Often  I do Tease & Denial with  my head on  the pillow and I am  on my back.   Then  I do normal leg lockdown.   Normal leg lockdown looks like this …



But we are side by side in the session.

Same.  I lock your leg the same way.

And if I roll to face you …  I flip my legs opposite so you don’t hurt  your knee when I move.

I never one time used leg lockdown when I fight Jiu Jitsu in class.

But I use it almost every session of Tease & Denial with you.



Why Use Leg Entanglement


It feels really sexy for you.

To feel all my 2 legs wrap your  one leg and have me tease your cock – it  is a lot of  feeling for your brain … nice  feeling.

My warm legs.   Smooth legs holding your legs.  And my body is really close to you with Netflix Tease &  Denial.

Remember …  Netflix Tease & Denial is  just watching  a movie for 2 hours and really slow massage of your cock.  Sometimes he is hard.   Sometimes I keep him soft.   More important is you feel like you watch a movie with your girlfriend.

Ok  reason #2.

You cannot get out of Leg Lockdown.   No way.   So I can control your leg when you get super hard and close to cum.

Every man … yes every man  …  wants to bend his legs when he knows he will cum soon.

Leg Lockdown guarantee you cannot bend one leg.  The other leg ?  … up  to me.   See the rope  in the photo above?  It  is for  that …  to tie the other leg.

But  maybe I let it be free.  Or I tie it to the bed.    Up to my mood.

If I tie  it and do Leg Lockdown …  you are fucked.   I  control  your orgasm 100% and  your legs cannot help you  or help the feel.


How to Use Leg Lockdown

1. Let you know who is boss.  It feels good.   Until  you open  your eyes.   And see you cannot  move.  Cannot get your leg out.  Men who try too much to  get the leg free … I spank their balls.  Just one time  because it works fast  lol.

2. Pull when you cum.  If I pull my leg away from your hip … it hurts a lot with Leg Lockdown.  But if  I do it  when you come ..  it feels good.   Helps you cum even  more.  Because it is  like streching when you cum.

3.  Spread your legs.  Men don’t like me to spread the legs too far in Tease & Denial.   It leave the balls very open.  Men get nervous when I spread the legs and focus on the balls and not the dick.  A nervous man  … is a man I control better.  Lockdown guarantees I  can spread  your legs very far without you closing  your legs again.


That is all.   Simple technique.  Makes men crazy.


Mistress Wael



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