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While the story I’m working on is almost finished , right now I’m doing email and I thought I’d throw this quickie up because it qualifies under the “what the fuck were you thinking” category.

I have no time for bullshit, there’s a dearth of true mistresses in the world and an over-abundance of submissive men, so keep that in mind when making a first impression worthy enough of a reply.

Lest you get what this guy got from me …


femdom email for mistress


jaa4u.com | Goddess <[email protected]>
8:03 PM (7 minutes ago)

to dtiiresiias

You really want me to take an email written by a guy who names himself  Leather Wings with something more than an ounce of seriousness?

I’d be more impressed if you just went all in with your ulterior personna and said your name is  Leather Face from Texas , that would have the benefit of carrying as much of a tongue-in-cheek nod to humor as it would a hint of seriousness.

Try your email again.    I’m not your average Thai idiot who swoons for such a bullshit introduction.

A pinch of honesty goes a long way with me.  Else, you’ll find  yourself tied up in the foyer of my bedroom one day being endlessly kicked in the balls.



“Mistress with Steel Toe Boots”  xx