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Specific Stories About: 'Tease & Denial'
Blowjob in BDSM? | A Gift Wrap Blowjob !

He was probably thinking “what is she thinking of me? Why am I giving in to something I know is excruciating but it’s exactly what I wanted … is this what it’s like to push a baby out?” Twisting, turning, twitching all over the bed like a bird trying to get out of it’s shell he was making so much sweat on the bed he almost slid right off two times and I had to save him from falling.  It didn’t matter to him that he almost fell two feet to land on his bum he was concerned about two things only, freedom and time both of which I had taken away from him.  If it was me I would have taken the second …

Mistress Girlfriend Experience

Is there anything better than sitting on my guy’s sofa with my right arm around his shoulder playing with his hair while my left hand is down his underwear playing with his dick while we watch a movie and he feeds me popcorn?  Yes there is … making him suck my toes just as the movie is getting good and he’s begging me to let him cum.  But we’ll get to that in a minute.  First let’s talk about the part of my bdsm sessions that i am enjoying the most … the Mistress Girlfriend Experience.  While I did have some interesting sessions this week like a mouth to ass teasing toilet training session, a 2 hour face slapping session, …