bangkok dungeonI want a Bangkok Dungeon.  I think a lot about what i can do for my jaa4u for this year and one thing i need for sure is my dungeon in Bangkok.




Don’t worry i ask that to myself 1 million times already.  I have to talk to myself about that 1 million times so my brain can make a answer for me.


My mistake before is i run from my mom house so fast i don’t think really about why what is good about a condo.  Now i have a answer…nothing.  This place where i stay is not private … everybody can see me and i know already everybody talk about me no good.  What make me so mad is i know before i come here i will hate to stay in a condo but i have no choice remember?  August 21 i make my mind to move and that take me 1 week to find a place so fast this condo because somebody help me find this place for me.  And Sept 1 i move already so fast … so 10 days to get out from that house i don’t think what i am doing.




Honest i think that is a amazing idea … how many in the world like bdsm … a lot … and where can you play and stay same time?  No place really … my bed & breakfast & bdsm place will be cool for sure.  I have somebody to help me make the dungeon too he make a dungeon before so not a dream ok … i say i will do it …i do it.


So for Bangkok dungeon i have 2 things i can choose.  One is my control one is not my control.


One i cannot say anything :(  … but if it happen will happen Feb or March … i will have a place to play with you fast.  This is not my control so i don’t want to talk too much about it ok.


Two depend on one.  Mean what?  … if i have a Bangkok dungeon already i will move to a new place but my Bangkok dungeon will be there.  If no … i will move from here when August will come because i want to pay for rent for a house.  And from there i will make a dungeon my style … sexy not scary with many machine perfect for how to tease you.  You know my fantasy for that ya?  My fantasy for my dungeon is i like to put you from a chain from the roof in my dungeon and play with you under you … or over you if i want your bum :P


Look at that lol … i get wet from just think about every style i can have sex with you with my strap on if i have a chain and a machine for that.  That is my fantasy number 2 because what make me wet the most from every bdsm session is i get to fuck you in your ass.  Sorry to be rude you know my blog i never do a bad word often … but one thing i love is to fuck you with my strap on.  Not kidding ok i get so wet from that always.


So i put that in my blog so you can see again … i say it i will do it.


Next i know that is crazy … but i probably will put a ad for a beautiful mistress to come live with me.  I am bored to ask every bar girl about bdsm … nobody have a brain.  And who have a brain have money already so i know she will say no already.


Ok that is my idea.  One finish my book … two make a dungeon … three open b&b&b … and four find the second most beautiful mistress in the world.


I need four numbers …1…2…3…4… to be number 1.




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