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Specific Stories About: 'Chastity'
The Chastity Necklace

Mastery over Tease & Denial was chief among my early pursuits.  I began in humility , but my ambition was limitless.  Who could have divined the prophetic import of something as unremarkable as a twitch … on the head of a spent cock. I entertained an endless delegation of pleasure seekers from overseas , eager to plumb the depths of their willpower and share with them certain techniques and femdom processes I had found to yield wondrous and maniacal results. Having learned all I could from my visiting guests … I locked them all into chastity as they slept , and crafted a necklace from the keys. xx    

The Humbling

Elusive.  Evasive.  Persistent.   Righteous traits for a Mistress – or a fighter. Until yesterday,  I was teetering on being both and now – despair , for I am but one.  I must have told every man I saw over the past month that I had shifted my Muay Thai focus to preparing for my first fight sometime early this year.  Incredibly , not one of you gents had the wisdom to tell me that climbing in the ring with a trained killer was not one of my better ideas. My new years resolution was two-fold.  First I took the encouragement from my Muay Thai trainer to heart and agreed to start training seriously for a fight – this had …

5050 Chastity Lottery

Emo was a lower class woman from the poverty stricken village living on an income that made her ration the spoons of rice she could feed herself with each day.  That being said, she was happy with her lot in life, and after crunching down on a handful of fried crickets she and her mom had dug up by hand a few hours earlier she lit a candle and read herself to sleep under the sloped tin roof of her open air shack. “Have you seen the numbers child?” her mom said nudging on her shoulder as the first embers of sunlight flickered through the midnight blue sky. The lump in Emo’s throat thumped hard as it dropped suddenly to the lower …

Chastity Toy “Fang” | No Tears Please

When using Chastity i’m looking for that “holy shit” moment and “Fang” gives that to me every time. You see,  when you meet me your gonna have an instant hard dick let’s face it.  That’s before you see me in my lingerie after you shower.  It just gets worse from there because i’ll do nothing but bend over to pick up fang from the table and give you a glimpse of my sweet ass.  By the time i kneel down in front of you i might as well be kneeling in front of a rock protruding from a cliff. Now Fang … has teeth.  Semi-blunt spikes to be exact, but close enough … because even if you were absent the …