Last time you want to fuck a girl and you think for sure she will say yes and she say no … how do that make you feel?  Ok now … every time you see her you want her and she tease you and tease you but never let you inside her.  Always you think she will let you fuck her tonite … and no she don’t let you but she let you go closer every day to almost … and stop.


That make you crazy?


I do that to my client for 1 week … afternoon i make him horny and take him to soi cowboy or nana and help him find a girl.  Make him want to fuck me more than her … and give him her not me just before i go home and session finish.  Because i want him to fuck her and think why that is not me again every night.


For every man in the world … he have 2 girls in his brain only.  1 that is any girl he can fuck her he never care who is she.  But 2 is more power for him … 2 is who he want to fuck.


Can fuck and want to fuck is not the same.


I talk a lot with many client in one year about sex.  Why everybody will pay for a bar girl so many time and every time is only ok … not amazing sex.  But he go back and pay again why?  Because you can fuck her and you know she cannot say no …she look good and only 1000 baht so ok why not.  You agree?


How i play with his brain … he know i look better 1 million times from every bar girl in Bangkok.  I love to sit in Soi Cowboy bar with a girl and know he want me more than her.  And go to his hotel i sit with my shoe in his mouth and make him suck it same time she have to sit on his cock and get pay.


Because same time he have 2 style of sex in the same room … 1 girl he can and 1 girl he want but he have both same time … and that is what make him crazy the most.  Because what happen often you is a man you go dancing ok and you see 10 girl you want … you have desire for her.  She make you crazy and your penis get hard you cannot control.  But your brain know you cannot have her probably … maybe you try and she not like you so your brain change from 1 to 2.  Give up what you want to have … and change for what you can have.


But never you have 2 the same time.  For me that is a little bit hard … i have to do a good job make sure i tease first and never stop to play a game so i am what he want the most.  Desire have more power than sex trust me ok.  For every man sex is amazing … but desire have more power and control your brain more.


How i know that … because when i take somebody to dancing and he see somebody he desire his cock get hard 1 second.  What a man hate the most is something he want he cannot have.  The world make every man like that … everything a man want he get … money and job always like that you agree?


But one thing a man cannot have in the world is every girl he desire.  Who have control for sex is girl not a man.  She say no and know what?  … you fucked baby.  Have to change to what you can fuck and not what you want to fuck lol :P


Me i see that … that is power.  What i love the most is take every power from a man and control him 100%.


And i start with him level 1 i give her to him and leave so he that will happen always.  And level 2 i stay in the room so he fight in his brain he cannot enjoy what he have …what i give him … sex with her.  He want me more.


So last night i stay with him i want him to feel sex more … try that ok … put something cover your eye you cannot see and do sex with your gf or your wife.  Better sex i guarantee because you have to feel.  So i do that to him … put a blindfold for him and make him so hard her pussy can go on him so easy so fast.


But her pussy don’t go fast on his cock like he think.  Because he cannot see he have to feel everything more understand?  So first he feel how hot is the pussy just touch top of his cock a little bit.  And take time but soon he feel how wet his cock get from her pussy just float and not even touch him really.


Three she use the wet from her pussy with her hand to make his cock wet … why so she can put a condom on him so easy.  But she make sure she play with his cock a lot before the condom go on.


And so slow … first only his head from his cock go inside her and she sit like that and go up down a little bit.  Slow she put more inside only half and she just move front back so his penis turn inside her.  Her hand she pull his balls so his cock get maximum hard inside and all inside she sit on top him and play with his balls but she don’t let him go in out in out.


‘ok take off your cover from your eyes’


And i let him see that only 2 second … me i sit on his cock like that and i put my hair up in my hand and look him same look you see in my photo.  My eye look at him like that and my booby is tight … and he is hard inside me but cannot have time to fuck because he is shock i do that to him not her.


‘enough … go fuck her now see you’


And put my panty on … my dress on … and he just cry so frustrated ‘ no no  no no  no no no no no come back’


He cry frustrated because you know what just leave his room?


Desire :)








… i don’t do sex in my session only bdsm.  So you see my story today …  ya happen like that but he is vip ok.  Vip mean he help me for something in my life very expensive 2 months ago.  So i put my story finally so you can see how i think about tease even for when i do sex … but don’t ask me for sex ever.  Keep sex for who you love … same i will do that for only who i love.












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