I will open you up baby.   Make you so excited for me first by take you so close to cum many time and slap your penis you try to cum.  wait baby because when i think you ready for me i put my nurse clothes on.  but jaa special nurse for you baby not same every nurse you see before.  I have step to go inside your ass.  Mabey you ass a virgin and mabey professional is ok i have step for you same.


Step 1


one finger.  play with your balls and penis to keep you close to cum and slow my finger play outside your ass.  When i think you ready and relax so slow start put that inside but not far.  I know your ass you like squeeze my finger because you so nervos but you not have to worry because nurse jaa can take care.  Take you close again use my hand and you try cum jaa hit your balls one mabey two time.  What that do?  stop you to think about my finger your ass and how that hurt your balls and that mean what for me?  mean can go my finger 100% inside you now how you like that baby?  I keep you like that for long time and play your hair or play my booby your back something like that.  and we do what?  start two finger inside so slow.  when you horny and want cum so bad amazing how many finger you can take inside that make you feel good.



Step 2


That mean you ready step 2.  Somebody see me many time he ready for step 2.  Cannot step one finish and go step two same day lol.  I think you not poo for one wk i do that.  But take some time and Jaa go slow and you relax ya can three finger and start litle bit four.



Step 3


and you can three finger you ready for small dildo i have.  ya i have 3 size ok.  small for somebody first time can go inside no problem.  nice slow like jaa tell you and we do that when you ready.  but we start small size and for that i love strap on.   First time for you your life have girl do that to you?  I want to know how far i can take you first time i do that.  You know if that your first time i have go so slow for you.  and me i want go like man like to do to girl.   but no we do slow and i have secret how that go so easy you want to know?  Ky forget about it ok.  that suck so bad.  What 10 time better from that is same you use for cooking cake or something sweet like that.  So serious if you have xp and you not try that yet go Foodland to buy that and see how easy that change everything.



Step 4


Dont worry take long time to ready step 4.  That i say before have 3 size  S M L and we do s already so now this is upgrade lol.   Two size for take you be ready for amazing step five my size M start that.  For go from M to L that is bigest step from every step if i not think about last step.  Well every step hard to go up but cannot go step five and not do size L and from all i see now is very hard for go M to L.  But you have no choice ok because…



Step 5


is my fist and that same you see bdsm when say fisting.  You know always i have somebody ask me how to put fist inside?  Put 2 and 3 and 4 first inside.  Thumb that go down and touch small finger.  and go inside slow and then can do fist ok.   even from that have to go slowly.  more slow from every thing try before.  ya you can do that you get surprise :)



Step 6


welcome to step 6 and that mean two hand go inside.   that is proud level number 2 somebody who can take that almost finish.  four finger and before make fist four finger from right hand and now 10 finger inside and slow left make fist and right make fist and go in out same time.  amazing if he can do that.  almost professional but not yet baby.



Step 7


like he say in email to me ..can you imagine how amazing that is jaa to see your foot disappear inside my ass? and he 100% right that amazing.  only one can do foot like that from all i see.  only two can do step six two hand.  this is like special level.  is like from ta kwon do when you have black belt that is step 5 and you go many year ya you get more high from black and almost nobody get that for how long it take.

Ya you can do step 6 and step 7 you are higher from black belt for fisting.

….i want say thank you so much to David.  Big boss, very nice guy and his friend for help me choose all the pose for my photo shoot.  It was very fun and i love so much to do that with you.  His website is the best for where to go at night in Thailand and now i have amazing huge photo on his website.  You click that you get 2 for 1 special.  Can see me so big and can see his amazing site same time.




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