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Wanna survive the next Zombie Apocalypse?  Then you need a good bdsm mistress at your side, or to hide behind.  There are plenty of reasons why I am essential to your survival, but here are my top 8 …   1.  Weapons! Weapons! Weapons! I have weapons aplenty in my bdsm bedroom.  I’ll let you dildo slap a zombie to death, i’m going with my whip, cane or crop instead.  Or maybe i’ll put the thing in chastity and cuckhold it for fun. 2. You Get a Kick Ass Partner! Horny men act like zombies anyways so it’s not much of a reach to go from teasing a dude to teasing a walking corpse.  Just, instead of denying the orgasm i’ll …

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After 3 jiu jitsu – wrestling – fighting sessions this week i needed a day off today.  Both from sessions and writing.  So chilled at the pool with my friend, hit a friends wedding, went shopping and basically did nothing but rest the rest of the evening. Listen if you wanna book me this week you have to do it before Friday cuz i’m off next weekend.  Another wedding.  What’s with all my friends getting married suddenly? Wednesday is your best chance for a session.  Every other day is pretty booked and after Thursday night i’m gone til Monday. So i’m gonna sleep early and have something more exciting tomorrow.  I just need a break ok guys        

It’stormy, and i feel hopeless today 🙁 Sometimes I want to stop playing this game.  I feel tired.  Don’t know will win or lose.  You know what I mean?  Sometimes i feel I just lie to myself that I will win.  But who knows.  If I lose I will be the most famous mistress instead of getting back to where I want to go.  So maybe just have to stop fighting it and let it be then.  What will happen is gonna happen. This is nothing like having a period.  When i get my period i’m not exhausted like this, this is like fighting with the storm.  My face shows it.  Sometimes you can see the both sides of me … …

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Men desire what they cannot have. Which is something that can be used against them , and to my advantage. Here’s a very brief example of how I can turn a normal conversation in an SMS … to something that shocks the guy’s mind. See …. Putting the picture of what they desire in their brain to torture them more is very fun. Sanook dee     xx                

Showered in a Storm

‘Hey baby do you wanna eat some sausage tonight?’ One guy texts me on my Line. ‘Can.. if you can take the pain when i bite it. Lol . i answer him. For one year people are saying in my sessions that I am Jaa’s sister, Jaa’s twin, or a copy of Jaa.  I am a lot of things to her and i respect her because she brought me into this lifestyle but i am not a copy of her.  I am who i am . You know something about a storm?  When Storm coming everything so quiet, no sign but when they come they destroy everything and you can’t stop it ..  my moods are like that . Actually today i have …